I was listening to the radio on my way to work this morning, and I heard today is Lend A Hand Wednesday. I’ve never heard that before. I did a bit of research (well, thanks to Google that has been lending a hand with research…lolz). I learnt from DigiWidgy.com that it’s being observed every last Wednesday in August.
It’s really nice helping someone, being there for one another when the chips are down. Act of kindness done randomly can take as many forms as possible. We should be or at least learn to be kind to one another everyday.
I remember asking a lady I usually see at my residential bus-stop on my way to work one early morning if she was going my route; she was, but if I was to help her further so as to make her journey shorter, I would have to veer off my main route. I eventually found out she lives just two blocks away from me.
Well, since I was driving, I decided to help her further, then make my way back a longer route to get to the office. I didn’t mind, I was just glad I could be of help. Since that day, I’ve been lending a hand in that area anytime I drive to work.

I can understand the challenge in helping someone, especially in these times, where one act of kindness could turn into a nightmare. We have heard of stories of people being robbed, kidnapped, killed, and what have you when they decided to lend a hand.

In as much as we are enjoined to help, we should also be cautious and pray always.
So folks, a few tips this Wednesday:
Always have a smile on your face.
Offer someone your time, help, or advice (no matter how minute).
Care for someone, provide compassionate and practical support especially for those who seriously ill.
Volunteer for environmental and community initiatives.
Offer to shop for an elderly person or visit the doctor’s.
Go the extra mile by not just promising to call someone, but also visiting and offering practical help.

Kindly add more tips we all can use in lending a hand not just this Wednesday, but everyday.

Pics credit: Google search.


7 thoughts on “#LendAHandWednesday

    • Wonderful job Tee!…lending a hand should be a daily activity – a lifestyle. However, like you also mentioned an act of kindness could sometimes turn into a nightmare.

      For me the first thought that comes to my mind was about three years ago while driving down 3rd Mainland Bridge to connect Marina, I gave a lift to a young man because it suddenly started raining, but was arrested by LASTMA for dropping off a passenger in an “illegal” area on Marina. I parted with about N16,000 that day to get my car away from “detention “.

      On the flipside, random acts of kindness sometimes yield almost instant rewards – although thinking about or expecting a reward should not be our business when faced with an opportunity to lend a hand. We should just do it!

      I once saw a Kevin Spacey movie titled “Pay It Forward” where a teacher (Spacey) tasked his young student (Haley Joel Osment) to repay good deeds not with a payback, but with new good deeds done to three new people.

      That movie is a fantastic illustration of how we should be living daily- lending a hand to people who do not know us from anywhere and from whom we expect no favours in return.

      We should just do it! Because there are more gains to us and to humanity than there are disadvantages.


      • Armstrong. ..thanks for visiting the blog. Lolz at detention. Will surely look for that movie, I like Kevin Spacey, d movie should be worth seeing.
        Like you said, ‘we should just do it’…being kind and lending a hand always pay.


  1. Nice write-up. Truth is, we all need to do our bit in making the world a better place. Charity sometimes is not just an act of giving but realizing that whatever we do will always come back to us either directly or indirectly. You’re a cheerful giver and a woman with a good heart. We all should emulate this good gesture.


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