Hi lady!

My mood this week isn’t fantastic,  not gonna yap on anything, just don’t know what to classify my mood as.

I had an interview during the week, and I was told at the interview that my resumè was lean (I had a 2-page doc); meanwhile new research suggest that it should not be more than a page long…’rme’. Sis, guess you would help me rewrite my CV ohh.

The Rio 2016 Olympics has come and gone; I didn’t really feel this year’s enthusiasm. I remember growing up and watching the likes of Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson and our own Mary Onyali (track and field was my favourite). As usual, the USA team were a delight (winning over a hundred medals), and Usain Bolt has since dominated that field (100m, 200m, 400m and relay….he’s an engima), it’s now synonymous with him.

The Nigerian sports federation was nothing to write home about, no preparation,  no support for our athletes, it was a shame. My consolation was that the athletes gave their all, and I’m proud of all those who participated even with all the challenges they faced…and to our football Dream Team that won a bronze medal, kudos guys!

I watched the women’s swimming synchronization competition,  it was pure delight. The flexibility, movements, element, et al of those ladies were a product of sheer hardwork and hours of practice, the Russian Federation eventually won the gold.. …wish I knew how to swim.

Much ado about nothing over the weekend (I love Shakespeare), though church service on Sunday was awesome.

Hope you were able to cheer your people on that side of the divide during the event.

I’m so praying for a better week.

These are some screen shots of the swimming synchronization evoent I took from my tv.


12 thoughts on “#Mood

  1. This is cool. I watched the highlights of the Olympics every night and I must say some individual stood out. i love that young american simone bile, micheal phelps was a delight to watch and usain bolt is surely an alien. I also love athletics and still follow all athletics meets both local and international, my love for the sport was born out of following my sister to the national stadium to compete at the annual mobil track and field events for local and foreing athletes and she was so beautiful on the tracks as a rookie competing with international stars and always getting to the finals of 100m,200m and long jump but her career was cut short.
    Congratulations to all Nigerian athletes and the football team….

    God bless you Tee and Barr


  2. Lolz at Usain Bolt being an alien…. Thanks Lecturer…. I’m team all sports, just wish I could have harness my talent in lawn tennis, Serena Williams would have been like “oh no, not Tee”…..😆..



  3. Nice! I enjoyed watching the Olympics as well. As per the resume,one can never be sure what best practice is as it’s so relative. I hope you get the job though…. Smooches! 🙂


  4. Wow! Cool write up about your interview and the Olympics. Nice one Tee!…

    Unfortunately this year, I did not get to see much of the Rio Olympics, just a few events here and there. It pretty much sums up my attitude towards tv nowadays, even movies I used to very much love- I get to only really watch movies nowadays when I’m privileged to make it to the cinemas. Guess it’s just me being a bit more involved with work activities nowadays. No time!…lol!

    That said, I was not much surprised about Nigeria’s exploits (or lack of) at this year’s Olympics events, owing largely to our always-shabby preparations despite the large sums pumped into sports in Nigeria in general.

    At least let’s thank God we got into the medals table, albeit with just a bronze medal to show for all the funds allocated and months of preparation and planning. Nigeria is just a special entity I must say.

    About your interview, I’m happy you are getting those as you only get better every time with your interviewing skills. I’m not sure either what the current trend or best practice is. But I can offer to gloss through your CeeVee (or resume) to attempt to see what your interviewers might have seen for them to give you such a feedback. You never know, I just might spot something as regards your content or format.

    Keep these stories coming Tee. We want to read more from you and your beloved sister.




    • Thanks Andrew…. u are quite hilarious. I can hope for a better Sports Federation where talents are harnessed at a young age in this nation (a gal can dream…😊).
      I will send you my resumè ASAP… thanks for your support; your advice is duly noted and appreciated.



  5. P.S. I’ve never really been into the Olympics – although the people I live with have their “favourite” events.. track and field? (And the closing marathon?) (I feel the olympic’s been ruined by the inclusion of professional athletes?? That’s my view anyway!)… but I did enjoy the synchronised swimming 🙂


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