It is a new day and a new dawn…welcome to the month of September.

How time flies! We are in the last quarter of the year 2016. I heard that there was a prediction of an eclipse which would happen today, fingers crossed. The last time I experienced that was several years ago when I was in High School.

To everyone born in this beautiful month, I’m wishing you all a wonderful happy birthday. May this month bring you joy and fulfilled dreams. To the rest of us, September will be peaceful and blessed for us.

God be with each and everyone of us.

Hello September, surprise me!


Pics credit: Google search


One thought on “#HappySeptember

  1. Welcome September! The beginning of the “ember” months (this ’ember’ concept is only spoken of or recognised in Nigeria, I guess).

    September also marks the period people start getting suddenly conscious of the year coming to an end. Then a frenzy begins. People begin to take stock of their achievements or otherwise for the year. Others start saving massively for end of year purchases and travels.

    September is not my birth month (I’m a Scorpio -Nov 6th) but for me it’s a time for gradual recollection on where I am against my plans for the year. It also highlights the beginning of expectations for Christmas!

    Welcome September!…


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