Hi Sis…

It’s been hectic these past few weeks…busy as a bee, running personal errands all through my annual leave, didn’t get time to rest.
It was during of one my running arounds that I came in contact with thsese little ones, whilst driving towards the outskirts of Lagos; I saw a group of kids in school uniform cleaning the surroundings of a dilapidated building with a teenager who was with a cane supervising them, and my curiousity got the better of me.

I parked off the road, and decided to go ask some questions.
I approached the teen, introduced myself, and told him I wanted to ask a few questions, he said no problem.

From my findings, I gathered that the dilapidated structure was a school, Glory Nursery and Primary School, in Ile-Ero, Agbado-Ijaye, Ogun State; and the teen who goes by the name Tope, was a teacher, he teaches Nursery 1 and 2 classes. He started in September 2016 after he finished High School, he took up this teaching job so as not to be idle at home, while preparing to write exams for University admission.

His experience teaching the young ones according to him was interesting though stressful because the kids can be quite a handful. The reason they were out cleaning was part of the teaching programme, to inbibe in the kids the culture of clean and healthy environment, which they do during break periods. He is quite a reserved young kid but very determined to pursue his dreams, and I wish him all d best.

The kids!? 😂 Oh my, oh my!! 😆 so boisterous and quite a handful. They were in different classes, and one of them stood out, his name is Malik. He had on his ear a bluetooth which he made out of a notebook leaves, when I inquired about the phone, he smiled with such swag, I knew he was gonna break hearts when he grew up. They were happy cleaning the surroundings, but not without mischief and some yelling from their teacher. That interaction left me with a nostalgia of my primary school days and growing up with a lot of mischief.

I was pained though 😢 due to the school building. It’s such a shame that the government is falling the people at all levels, and private individuals who want to give quality education are constrained by bureaucracy, limited infrastructure, exorbitant collaterals and what have you, that they have to make do with the limited resources available. On the other hand, not everyone has to build a school just to make profit or make ends meet, when the resources and necessary infrastructure that would aid children in receiving quality education are found wanting.

Here are a few pictures I took with permission from the teacher (told him also that I would blog about our interaction) and of course the kids who were all grinning from ear to ear 😊😊.



Hey Sisi,

Sorry for my late reply ooo…I can relate to you being a busy bee though. November was one busy month! But it was good busy! The kind of busy I won’t trade for anything, on all fronts. That is,work, family, friends and love.

But you know the downtime to being so busy is finding time for yourself to woo sa! I’m sure you had the same experience as I did. But right as it was, I did manage to squeeze in some me time. Can’t lose that. Now, if I can just make yoga in the next week! I will be totally balanced out and zen. 

I love your find with that elementary school ooo…I’m going to ask you what I’ve Bren asking daddy. All the money our president has been seizing, where is it hiding??? Shouldn’t that money be going exactly towards things like dilapidated schools, unsafe roads, drinking water and regular electricity? I honestly don’t understand why a place of learning for our youngest minds and the future of our country and continent, doesn’t get more attention. 

I want to say we will keep hoping for the best. But I’m tired of hoping. I think it’s time for our generation to take serious action. Get on the streets and protest. I am beginning to realize we must force changes if we desire it. 

Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend and an awesome week ahead. I miss and love you. Talk to you soon. 





Hello pretty sis 😍

The weekend was lit! I want to believe you and our lovely readers all had a ‘fantabulous’ one as well.

It kicked off with with Kemisola’s birthday get-together on Saturday and ended on Sunday with a fun night show at the Muson Centre for the Xtreme Funny Flight comedy show….. where Falz The Badt Guy performed!!!

I so much appreciate his talent even though he is a learned colleague of yours ohh (entertainment softwork took over) 😆. Do try and get his album, you would love it. The show was fun all through, though the event started about three hours late, the organisers and the main act, Xtreme, made up for it. Different established and upcoming comedians and music acts gave us a never-dull-moment show, with Xtreme being the “cake on the icing”😆 (I intentionally switched the icing n cake ohh, not that my English is wack ohh).

Inbetween my ‘Sunday waka’, I also went to O’jez (very popular place in Surulere, would take you there when next you visit Naija) for the MTN football match show where my ‘heart-attack-giving’ team, Arsenal Football Club’s match with Chelsea FC was shown (Chelsea FC happens to be T’s club, and he so much wanted hisbteam to whoop my team’s behind…I was elated by the result😅) . my team was the better team and they played well, I must admit….. though it ended 0 – 0. MTN (a network service provider in Naija, sponsored the show) and serenade avid football supporters with music, comedy and give-aways..

So..there goes my memorable weekend gist. Let’s have yours!



Happy Monday Sisi!!

So sorry I have been MIA. Life has been busy with work and love, but who is complaining?! Too busy having too much fun!! 

I see you had a very eventful and memorable weekend! Happy happy birthday to Kemi!!! Wish I could have joined in the celebration and festivities. Next time 😄

My weekend was not nearly as fun-filled as yours but it was quite memorable in its own way. I finally gave up on my first and only car of the last decade. It was tired haha…I trust my replacement will soon find out why its predecessor was so tired haha

Well, onward and forward to a new week and new memories. Until next time!






Hi sisi…

It was a great weekend for Kemi, a host of wonderful SDK blog visitors and yours truly. We celebrated one of the finest and large at heart personalities, Stella Dimoko-Korkus. she a top Nigerian blogger, and loved by many. Aside her philanthropic nature, she uses her platform to help other people’s businesses, create good and educative content on her blog for people to draw inspiration and advise from, not forgetting the fact that she is the queen of gossip/gist on entertainment, especially on the Naija scene.

I have been an ardent follower of hers since she was a journalist at Encomium Magazine, one of her trademarks was giving her readers task of using alphabets to decode some names of celebs for some hot and juicy gossips. When I read of her blog back in 2012 or 2013 I think; I was elated and didn’t waste time in reading and opening that blog daily ever since, I have also learnt a lot from the different segments of discussion. Even though, I’m yet to meet her in person (which I hope to someday), I believe in her and love her assertive nature.

Sunday, 27th August, 2017, would go down in history ohh as one of the best parties hosted in her honour in Lagos. Blog visitors came together to have a party and get to know one another in honour of Stella who brought us together under one umbrella. Such get-together was also done in Abuja and other states, while other are planning same. The party was well organized by Cassy Sassy event and was lit, with enough to eat and drink, dancing and lip-sync competition which Kemi came 1st runner-up, and we got branded cups as souvenirs.

This isn’t a hype, but a testament to a wonderful person who has touched lives in more ways than one. Glad to be a part of her (SDK) brand and wish her more blessings. Much love to you Stella.

Here are some pictures from the event.



Hallos sisi and everyone…
I trust you all had a great week, mine was all right and I had the privilege of attending a health fair programme organised by two different organizations at different locations. One was by MMM Nigeria (Team Lagos) in conjuction with Blue Sky Hospital and the other was by Women of Destiny (an arm of Daystar Christian Centre).
Both outreachs provide basic preventive medicine and medical screening to folks in the community. It was both an interavtive and informative event.

The women of destiny health fair emphasises on breast feeding and benign breast lumps as well as living healthy. I did learn a lot like women under 40 should undergo an ultrasound  instead of mamogram which women above 40 are advised to go for due to the density of the breasts. More so is the health benefit of breast feeding to both the child and the mother.
So, can’t wait to start having babies, so as to give them the best nutrients they need to grow up healthy and brainy😆.

MMM Nigeria Team Lagos health fair programme changed my perspective about MMM (still cautious though). Before now, It was described as a ponzi scheme by the govt and financial institutions (meanwhile, workers in both institutions were heavy participants 😩) especially with the freezing of activities on the online platform in Dec. of 2016, where a lot of people could not get help after providing help to others…including yours truly, still have my money in the system.
I was reoriented by Mr, Shola and Mr. Gbenga who are guiders and they made it known that the greedy nature of some Nigerians caused the December temporary pause, but as at Jan 2017, administrators of MMM and MMM Nigeria went back to the drawing board to put guidelines in place whereby the purpose of MMM which is to break the unfair system of the financial world and give help to the less priviledged would be achieved. It is not about doubling money, but rather giving help with spare money that won’t hurt one to others who need help,thereby one also receiving help when in need. There is a caveat on the MMM platform and I quote “Warning, this is a community of mutual financial help! Participate only with spare money. Don’t contibute all the money you have.” Trust Nigerians to ignore.

The Team Lagos arm of MMM Nigeria contribute money on a monthly
basis with assistance from guiders in Russia to help the less privileged, this gave rise to the health fair in order to assist those who could not afford health care in terms of free eye test with eye glasses, test and free treatment on hypertension, diabetes, malaria/typhoid for both young and old.
This noble gesture isn’t only done by Lagos team, same charitable events are also done by an arm of MMM Nigeria in Port Harcourt and Abuja.

I know quite a number of people would have their misgivings about MMM, I would advise one go through the new guidelines which is more believable and offers ways of providing and getting help without much hassles and greediness rather than the greedy way previous MMM guiders latched on.

For avoidance of doubts and to get more information concerning MMM, kindly call Mr. Shola (a.k.a. Leccturer), on 08055248912.

Here are some pictures from the health fair.









Hello sis…

What do you think of this article, as I am aware that you are not just a hard worker, you are pretty smart when it comes to work? … **inserts wide grin**

It can be said that hard work means working monotonously in the same old conduct and technique whereas, smart work is to change the approach in which the work is done, in order to get improve output.

Our culture respect of hard work dates back to the ideals of our forefathers, who possessed a tireless work ethic and noble humility. Evolution to a service economy for most nations and particularly during the digital revolution of the past quarter-century, hard work has become a remnant of the analogue, industrial past and people are now being taught to work smarter, not harder.

In as much as working hard is giving it your all from the second you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, which can’t be faulted , it can also be said that someone might be able to do the same amount of work in less amount of time, by working smarter and more efficiently.

Depending on each person’s distinctive personal statement and meaning of success, working smart differs. Work smart basically means figuring out what our strengths are and building a network around us to build upon, in order to reach goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Finding ways to work smarter, not harder and finally achieve the work-life balance one desires lean on the more self-awareness one gains about his/her work style.

Key difference between hard work and smart work is that while the former is when one does same work in a dedicated manner but rarely feel like they accomplished anything, not getting the recognition they deserve, the former is when one does the same amount of work, but faster and more efficiently, aiming to accomplish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, result-oriented and time-bound) goals.

Some critics have said that there is no substitute for hard work and that smart work is shortcuts that people came up with. The question is, smart work has been proven to work, if you could achieve the same amount of work, in the same time, how can that be a shortcut? Probably, the question should be, why are we not engaging in both?

Hard work comprises skills which are accomplished through physical capabilities, dedication, way in which one can give his/her maximum effort to achieve predetermined goal. Smart work on the other hand is, innovating new ideas which requires intellectual capabilities and emotional intelligence to get the work done, way in which or when one can use their hard work potentially to accomplish their target.

Both hard work and smart work are crucial and not to be seen as mutually exclusive, but not sufficient for business success, as vision, risk control, creativity amongst others play a fundamental role. Young professionals and promising entrepreneurs must not only work harder and smarter but also longer and better because the competition is already doing that.






Hiya Sis…

Twenty-four years ago, the June 12, 1993 presidential election apparently won by the late business tycoon, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola (MKO), was annulled by former Nigeria’s military president, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and the Armed Forces Ruling Council. One of the freest and fairest elections in the history of Nigeria. Refusing to give up his mandate, he died in prison under General Sani Abachi’s military regime.

Permit me to rant a bit in this present time; nothing much has changed literally. The state of quagmire Nigeria has found herself in leaves me with a sour taste. Tired of the endless murmuring, complaints and ‘mumuism’ (according to singer, Lagbaja) we as a people engulf ourselves in.

Few months ago, Toyosi and I attended The Platform programme organised by The Covenant Christian Centre anchored by Pastor Poju Oyemade, with speakers ranging from the vice-president Prof. Osinbajo, the finance minister (Mrs. Kemi Adeosun), former governor of Anambra State (Dr. Peter Obi), and I listened to them talk about issues, challenges and way forward for our dear nation. Should I say, it’s all talk and no action? When exactly will the dividends of democracy be reaped by the citizenry?

Agitations from those who wants to secede (whom I don’t blame one bit) to those who provide all the social welfare a government is supposed to provide her citizens by themselves like electricity supply in the name of generators (Tekno’s song ‘Rara’ comes to mind), water, road rehabilitation, education, healthcare, etc.. fill the news and everywhere.

A comment quoted to Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu in one of his June 12 addresses (this year, I think) says ”The truth is June 12 is the mother of May 29th. Without the uncompromising resistance to military rule engendered by the annulment of the June 12 election, there would most probably be no Fourth Republic today and we would still be groaning under the jackboots of military dictatorship.” Well, I dare say that the saying ‘the worst civilian government is better than the best military dictatorship’ is what Tinubu meant; and I ask, has the groaning stopped under a democratic republic, isn’t it even worse?….. so sad.

Like my friend Buchi would say, we are just jumping around, nothing has been done, we are good at putting the blame on past leaders only. Bro. actually said that we need a revolution in this country and I agree totes. To do the right thing in this country is the hardest thing ever for a lot of us. Who else do we blame aside some of our leaders who loot us blind? I say, we should blame ourselves as well for not holding our leaders accountable, instead these daytime robbers and gluttons are celebrated….SMH.

How long will we continue praying before we demand and actually take action, for better governance, respect for the rule of law, better infrastructure, good healthcare system and an improved growing economy? Please, pray tell.




‘Human beings enter into certain productive or economic relations, and these relations lead to a form of social consciousness’’….Karl Marx.

Social consciousness is consciousness shared by individuals within a society.

My brother and I were discussing about the ills of the society which actually was in response to a post I made sometimes ago about a lady I almost knocked down by the car due to the impatience and nonchalant attitude of commercial ‘danfo’ drivers. He was of the opinion that most people lack social consciousness in Nigeria, because with it you would do the right thing at the right time. People in other climes don’t have it better than we do, but they imbibe social consciousness in whatever they do and things work out well for their society. How hard can that be for us in Nigeria?

Whistle blowing is the in-thing now to make money from government. Someone who knows where a corrupt official keeps large amount of hard and local currencies blows the whistle and viola, the anti-graft agency (EFCC) sweeps in to the location and recover the loot, thereafter 10% or 5% I think, of the amount would be given to the whistle blower. My question is: so, the whistle blower had to wait till he or she could share in the loot before reporting such nefarious act? SMH.😒

Sisi, you need to see the large amount of money being recovered, monies that could have been used for the development of the nation. Every aspect of governance in Naija is a mess, from healthcare to education downright to the economy as a whole; yet we have more churches and mosques that bind us in a religious cocoon which ought to be our moral compass….where do these leave us?

Majority if not all of our leaders and the masses themselves are socially unconscious, they are completely unaware or ignored the social injustices in their society and very complacent towards the major challenges facing the nation and the planet. They wear the cloak of entitlement and ignorance, when it comes to war, poverty, climate change, you name it, they are apathetic, lacking social and political beliefs and having few or no meaningful convictions. How do you explain someone blocking a major road accessible to both motorists and passers-by with granite and sand with which to build whatever, and just dump them on the road? Shows how callous and indifferent people are because no law enforcement to hold them accountable. I could go on and on.

On the other hand, a lot of people could not be bothered, with the pressure of working, day-to-day activities that consume a lot of time and energy, hustle & bustle to provide basic amenities for yourself and family since the government has failed woefully on that, who has time to think of corrupt officials (knowing full well that nothing would be done to them, they go about enjoying the loot after a mock court going back and forth), police ‘wahala’ and all the hullabaloo of the country after work?

Entertainment (which is a huge money-making machine right now in Naija, might as well go into acting…lolz), pop culture, shopping, social media, sports etc, are means of relief from unpleasant realities with of course cheap distractions which provide superficial means of escape.

From the very beginning of our lives, it is obvious that we are all social beings, every aspect of our being is impacted by social relations, and we should at least seek to comprehend the potentials of individual consciousness to move toward a collective well-being. Rosa Parks’s simple action in the 1950’s in America inspired the nation to question the norm. Martin Luther King Jr. also motivated people to take action. Back home in Naija, we heard of the Aba Women riots, women who change the norm. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti challenged the consciousness of the people with his songs, Gani Fawehinmi used the law to impact on the masses and put the government on its toes……these were socially conscious beings.

Even with the apathetic mood of people today, it does not mean that change would never happen. Depending on it is the health of our democracy and the entire world. Each and everyone of us can do more by incorporating positive social change in not just the way we think but also in the way we choose to live our lives.

Additional sources…. http://www.good.is, google, stelladimokokorkus.