Hi Sis…

It’s been hectic these past few weeks…busy as a bee, running personal errands all through my annual leave, didn’t get time to rest.
It was during of one my running arounds that I came in contact with thsese little ones, whilst driving towards the outskirts of Lagos; I saw a group of kids in school uniform cleaning the surroundings of a dilapidated building with a teenager who was with a cane supervising them, and my curiousity got the better of me.

I parked off the road, and decided to go ask some questions.
I approached the teen, introduced myself, and told him I wanted to ask a few questions, he said no problem.

From my findings, I gathered that the dilapidated structure was a school, Glory Nursery and Primary School, in Ile-Ero, Agbado-Ijaye, Ogun State; and the teen who goes by the name Tope, was a teacher, he teaches Nursery 1 and 2 classes. He started in September 2016 after he finished High School, he took up this teaching job so as not to be idle at home, while preparing to write exams for University admission.

His experience teaching the young ones according to him was interesting though stressful because the kids can be quite a handful. The reason they were out cleaning was part of the teaching programme, to inbibe in the kids the culture of clean and healthy environment, which they do during break periods. He is quite a reserved young kid but very determined to pursue his dreams, and I wish him all d best.

The kids!? 😂 Oh my, oh my!! 😆 so boisterous and quite a handful. They were in different classes, and one of them stood out, his name is Malik. He had on his ear a bluetooth which he made out of a notebook leaves, when I inquired about the phone, he smiled with such swag, I knew he was gonna break hearts when he grew up. They were happy cleaning the surroundings, but not without mischief and some yelling from their teacher. That interaction left me with a nostalgia of my primary school days and growing up with a lot of mischief.

I was pained though 😢 due to the school building. It’s such a shame that the government is falling the people at all levels, and private individuals who want to give quality education are constrained by bureaucracy, limited infrastructure, exorbitant collaterals and what have you, that they have to make do with the limited resources available. On the other hand, not everyone has to build a school just to make profit or make ends meet, when the resources and necessary infrastructure that would aid children in receiving quality education are found wanting.

Here are a few pictures I took with permission from the teacher (told him also that I would blog about our interaction) and of course the kids who were all grinning from ear to ear 😊😊.



Hey Sisi,

Sorry for my late reply ooo…I can relate to you being a busy bee though. November was one busy month! But it was good busy! The kind of busy I won’t trade for anything, on all fronts. That is,work, family, friends and love.

But you know the downtime to being so busy is finding time for yourself to woo sa! I’m sure you had the same experience as I did. But right as it was, I did manage to squeeze in some me time. Can’t lose that. Now, if I can just make yoga in the next week! I will be totally balanced out and zen. 

I love your find with that elementary school ooo…I’m going to ask you what I’ve Bren asking daddy. All the money our president has been seizing, where is it hiding??? Shouldn’t that money be going exactly towards things like dilapidated schools, unsafe roads, drinking water and regular electricity? I honestly don’t understand why a place of learning for our youngest minds and the future of our country and continent, doesn’t get more attention. 

I want to say we will keep hoping for the best. But I’m tired of hoping. I think it’s time for our generation to take serious action. Get on the streets and protest. I am beginning to realize we must force changes if we desire it. 

Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend and an awesome week ahead. I miss and love you. Talk to you soon. 






I think it’s safe to call myself a frequent flyer now 😲. ..as bro would say, we are a family of travellers. My journey towards seeing you guys in your abode after years and years of waiting is certainly worth the while (as frustrating as the waiting period was ) and boy, am I glad I did? Certainly yes!

News of heavy snow ⛄and cold in major cities of the world, excluding Naija (though the harmattan haze was a bit much in Lagos this year, which was somewhat strange) due to climate change, wasn’t going to deter me from my quest of seeing you guys, even with the sinus not giving my nose a breather, a constant reminder that cold or the idea of it isn’t my forte.. I’m just gonna take it all in.

Take it I did at Heathrow Airport in London. That was the first thing my nose took in before the body reacted, even with the sweater, turtleneck top and a thick jeans (I came prepared 😆) with my scarf wrapped warmly around the neck region, I got a feel of the famous London cold weather…

Met a cute little man on the plane, not more than the age of six, who occupied the seat in front of me, with his mum. He offered me his cheese and we struck up a friendship. I asked him his name and he replied Micheal; told him mine was Mary, and he went on to gist me about one of his class teachers who was also named Mary, how cute…😊

I think my calling is visiting places and just taking in the sights and sounds..what do you think? Can’t wait to see you and feel what your weather would say to me.



Hallos Sisi..
My Dubai experience was as exhilarating as it was an eye-opener. It is a beautiful city. As much as it is a conservative city due to its rich religious and arabian cultural heritage, tourists and working foreigners were not made to feel uncomfortable. The locals are friendly, though the women who are religiously garbed do not mingle with tourists.

I noticed a lot of Indians live in Dubai, and from my tour guide, I learnt that they form the highest percentage of the population. They also contribute to the economy due to being employed on a large scale. Met quite a few on my sight-seeing which was beautiful by the way. I visited the Dubai Museum, the famous Aquarium at the Dubai Mall (could not really go in due to the fare, as I was on a tight budget😆), the Deira market (which reminds me of Yaba market for Naija), Burj Khalifa view, amongst other exciting scenery. The Dhow cruise (boat cruise/sight-seeing) which came with a buffet dinner was one of the tour packages I enjoyed. Met an American couple, who were friendly and warm, we swapped stories. They promised to visit Nigeria in the nearest future.

Mosques are beautifully sculpted and no unnecessary noise that disturbs the whole neighbourhood during call for prayers unlike what we have in Nigeria (‘na we pray pass’…both Christians and Muslims are guilty of this. .SMH).

Dubai city is clean, littering is a punishable offence (wish my Naija peeps can take a cue from this 😤). Good and accessible roads, neat beach, affordable transportation system (for both metro and taxi), edifices, and development are top-notch. Thought South Africa was my model for doing the right things, obeying traffic rules and the law, Dubai took it further (and for the fact that democracy isn’t practiced there, while we do…go figure!).

For a city that was built out of the desert, I am ashamed of our leaders who go to Dubai to spend tax-payers hard earned money for their leisure and pleasure and refuse to replicate or even do more of what they see over there. The tour guide took a jab at me as per being a Nigerian, that the reason why Dubai is that great and a global tourist attraction is due to great visionary leaders, no crime and no corruption, unlike some countries like Nigeria, while looking at me with a smile on his face….well, couldn’t argue with him there , he was spot on.

During the Desert Safari -which was an experience I would love you to have, exhilarating and crazy fun- I would advise one watches out for the Safari guides..One almost groped my butt and was trying to kiss me ohh, all in the name of picture taking, he made it look like an accident, and when I voiced out and gave him the eye..he was like sorry, but you are very beautiful😕😡. When women come out to shame men of despicable behaviour like what is happening in the US, women are termed attention seeking and that they asked for it. I did not ask for it neither did I encourage such behaviour. We were all having fun alongisde other tourists, obliging the guides for pictures isn’t bad, but they should please behave themselves. Will include his picture (the ‘groper’ is the one with the white head scarf with yours truly in the white dress) , so that anyone going for the Safari should be wary of him and others who exhibit such acts.

Be that as it may, I enjoyed my stay, short as it was, I had fun. I can’t really put in to words every experience, hope the sights I shared fill in the gap. I would gladly go again and this time, would like you and bro to be in tow..😄…. wishful thinking? I guess not😆😋.









Hi Sisi…

I had the pleasure of visiting Dubai for the first time for my annual leave.
The journey right from Lagos was a pleasant one. The Nigeria Vice-President, in the person of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has tried to rid the Murtala Muhammed International Airport of the over-zealous and ‘bribe-asking-give-us-something’ customs and other officials, who make the traveling experience a gruesome one which one won’t encounter in the destination country.

Some did still ask, but in a very covet way and people were not harrased when they didn’t obliged, me inclusive.
The airport is undergoing some nice changes, hopefully, we get the standard right and maintain it. A shame though that Nigeria do not have a national carrier..😡

The trip down to Dubai was quite nice, free of turbulence, aside the small bump here and there. The airline (EgyptAir) was superb, went through Cairo. Aerial views of Cairo and Dubai which were well lit had me thinking of my dear Naija, a very glaring contrast with darkness welcoming one.

Well…this is day 1. I intend to make the most of the few days I would be spending here. Can’t wait for us to vacation together…😊😊



Hey sisi!!!

Yes, I️ cannot wait to vacation with you and yes! Have all the fun allowable on this trip. I️ will be watching with delight.  My advise – do most of your shopping at the night market. I️ find things to be cheaper when you buy on the streets than in stores. Seem to be the story with every place I’ve visited. And indulge in the local cuisine. Enjoy…will await more pics!!!






Oscar Wide wrote, ‘’I am not young enough to know everything.’’ I love Oscar Wilde, will surely look for books by him to broaden my mind the more. They say education is key, yet in Nigeria, I’m inclined to believe a whole bunch of us don’t even understand what key means, how then will the education matter. I am ranting or better still I should say I am overreacting.😠

I’m young enough to know some simple things like doing the right ‘freaking’ things, how hard could that be? The recent events in the country leave a very sour taste in my taste buds; I shake my head and just wonder when we will ever get it right as a nation.

Imagine a scenario where a former pension boss, Abdulrasheed Maina looted $1.2 billion (meant for pensioners) and paid $2 million cash for a mansion in the nation’s capital, Abuja, for which he was dismissed from office in 2013, has now been reinstated with promotion to office in another department in 2017. 😬😡

Paul Newman said, ‘’It’s always darkest before it turns absolutely pitch black.’’ In my dear Naija, it’s actually pitch black; dunno what it would now turn to. Our constitution gets trampled upon by thieving politicians and corrupt beings in every facet of our dear land. Where tax-payers and every other hard-working Nigerian money are being spent by the elites and the so-called cabals to ride in exotic cars, fly in private jets, earmarking billions to themselves in the name of allowances and take-home pay for their generations yet unborn. Oh, I’m freaking pissed, those buffoons are high on cheap crap they take.

Don’t even get me started on the array of mosques and churches. Jesus Christ commanded us to love the poor, to serve the needy unconditionally, but then, do we actually follow that command? On Sunday when I went for service, the personnel unit handling car park leave little to be desired with some of the personnel engaging in favoritism, and the change is supposedly suppose to start from the church, I laugh as I try to imagine them with a personality…tale for another day if the scenario repeated itself, and I sure will call them out and tweet at the pastor. 😕

Went to the outskirts of Lagos during the week, on my way back, a signpost by the Ogun State govt on the highway clearly states no picking and dropping of passengers….Your guess is as good as mine as you try to create the image of commercial vehicles drivers (danfo in local parlance) and ‘okadas’ (motorcycles) riders doing just the opposite.

I could go on and on, but whatever kind of look this present government in power was going for, it has been missed. President Buhari who was acclaimed to be a no-nonsense disciplinarian due to his past records and not for want of trying to be the president two times before now, has succumbed to the so-called ‘demon’ that rules Aso-Rock. I didn’t vote for him, but as he was in power; I wanted him to prove me wrong for not voting for him, but alas, two years down the line after the election, I’m glad to say I didn’t waste my vote on him (even though it didn’t count in the long run).

As far as I am concerned, he and all those leading us (who we will still continue to pray for, as we are more religious than the pope and that is our ‘mumu’ bane) are not the brightest crayon in the box now, are they?

Just how hard is it to do the right thing?😥😧

Aside my frustration, a gleam of hope in the form of an innocent being who celebrated his 1st year birthday gladdens my heart, as I celebrated in the parents’ joy this past weekend, knowing this is a chance to teach these young ones the values, moral codes of life and how to do things right.




October 1st, lastweek, Nigeria celebrated Independence Day (Nigeria at 57). Need I say the journey so far is still full of challenges? I don’t even want to start with the corruption tales going on even with this present administration.  Oh well, we have got to forge ahead and believe in the Nigerian dream (dream I don’t even remember having 😕😤).

I had events that I attended that were laden with career motivation, like the Human Resources group annual party where the HR trends and parenting were discussed; a visit to a good friend of mine and an ‘owanbe’ of the final burial rites of Pa Alimi at the University of Ibadan International Conference Centre, Ibadan, where I had the ‘abula’ delicacy  (i.e. Amala with ewedu and gbegiri soup). I can’t be in Ibadan and be eating rice…’kolewerk’😆😉.IMG-20171008-WA0016

The trip to Ibadan was fun aside the sad state of the roads, which made my car cringed at every pothole (the car deserves some spa moments😆 after that gruelling journey I took it through). I was able to see the famous Ibadan zoo where a lion mauled one of the zoo attendants to death last week (God rest his soul). I eventually saw the famous Cocoa House, one of the tallest buildings in Nigeria; University of Ibadan gate, and one of the local governments.

All in all…I had a nice Independence chronicle.

Enjoy the sights.