‘Human beings enter into certain productive or economic relations, and these relations lead to a form of social consciousness’’….Karl Marx.

Social consciousness is consciousness shared by individuals within a society.

My brother and I were discussing about the ills of the society which actually was in response to a post I made sometimes ago about a lady I almost knocked down by the car due to the impatience and nonchalant attitude of commercial ‘danfo’ drivers. He was of the opinion that most people lack social consciousness in Nigeria, because with it you would do the right thing at the right time. People in other climes don’t have it better than we do, but they imbibe social consciousness in whatever they do and things work out well for their society. How hard can that be for us in Nigeria?

Whistle blowing is the in-thing now to make money from government. Someone who knows where a corrupt official keeps large amount of hard and local currencies blows the whistle and viola, the anti-graft agency (EFCC) sweeps in to the location and recover the loot, thereafter 10% or 5% I think, of the amount would be given to the whistle blower. My question is: so, the whistle blower had to wait till he or she could share in the loot before reporting such nefarious act? SMH.😒

Sisi, you need to see the large amount of money being recovered, monies that could have been used for the development of the nation. Every aspect of governance in Naija is a mess, from healthcare to education downright to the economy as a whole; yet we have more churches and mosques that bind us in a religious cocoon which ought to be our moral compass….where do these leave us?

Majority if not all of our leaders and the masses themselves are socially unconscious, they are completely unaware or ignored the social injustices in their society and very complacent towards the major challenges facing the nation and the planet. They wear the cloak of entitlement and ignorance, when it comes to war, poverty, climate change, you name it, they are apathetic, lacking social and political beliefs and having few or no meaningful convictions. How do you explain someone blocking a major road accessible to both motorists and passers-by with granite and sand with which to build whatever, and just dump them on the road? Shows how callous and indifferent people are because no law enforcement to hold them accountable. I could go on and on.

On the other hand, a lot of people could not be bothered, with the pressure of working, day-to-day activities that consume a lot of time and energy, hustle & bustle to provide basic amenities for yourself and family since the government has failed woefully on that, who has time to think of corrupt officials (knowing full well that nothing would be done to them, they go about enjoying the loot after a mock court going back and forth), police ‘wahala’ and all the hullabaloo of the country after work?

Entertainment (which is a huge money-making machine right now in Naija, might as well go into acting…lolz), pop culture, shopping, social media, sports etc, are means of relief from unpleasant realities with of course cheap distractions which provide superficial means of escape.

From the very beginning of our lives, it is obvious that we are all social beings, every aspect of our being is impacted by social relations, and we should at least seek to comprehend the potentials of individual consciousness to move toward a collective well-being. Rosa Parks’s simple action in the 1950’s in America inspired the nation to question the norm. Martin Luther King Jr. also motivated people to take action. Back home in Naija, we heard of the Aba Women riots, women who change the norm. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti challenged the consciousness of the people with his songs, Gani Fawehinmi used the law to impact on the masses and put the government on its toes……these were socially conscious beings.

Even with the apathetic mood of people today, it does not mean that change would never happen. Depending on it is the health of our democracy and the entire world. Each and everyone of us can do more by incorporating positive social change in not just the way we think but also in the way we choose to live our lives.

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🎼🎹He is risen, He is risen….and he reigns forevermore…come on and celebrate, the resurrection of our Lord…🎶🎤🎻

Happy Easter everyone. God’s blessings upon us always.

Have fun and hope you all are enjoying the work free holidays…😆.



The time was 6.40pm on Monday of this week;  after a hectic work day, when Idowu, Bosola, a  couple of colleagues and I got to Magodo, for the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International – Magodo Chapter Meal Outreach, which we were invited to by a friend and colleague of ours, Anthony Kadiri.

The evening was opened by the MC, Barr. Dayo Adebayo, introductions were done (meeting and getting to know about other guests) and an opening prayer to kick starts the program. Networking comes with business dinner, and one has to be good at small talks, which the MC encouraged when he asked guests to greet one another.

A brief history of the fellowship was given and the purpose for the meal outreach is to interact with one another, share like mind ideas and encourage people to join. The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, according to Wikipedia, is a fellowship of lay businessmen, with headquarters in Califonia, USA. Its main purpose is to bring interest to the Christian gospel.

The meal in the ‘meal outreach’ was such a sumptuous one, I have to admit. Testimonies were given of how good God has been to fellow members. Non-members were encouraged to join the fellowship; with the major criteria being one must be a born-again Christian.

As the evening drew to a close (even though we didn’t stay till the very last minute), guests were invited to sing a happy birthday song for one of the executive members as he cut the birthday cake alongside his wife.

It was a simple and pleasant night out. I did enjoy the evening and I look forward to attending such outreach, meal or no meal inclusive…lolz.

Find below sights from the event.







It was a hot-blazing Saturday afternoon, Kemi and I joined a host of other young folks at the Convenant Christian Centre, Iganmu, Lagos, very close to one of Nigeria’s most iconic artefacts (The National Arts Theatre) on a motivational encounter with Mrs. Ibukun Awosika.

I would really like you to read up on this woman, who is an epitome of grace. Let me give you a brief insight.

Ibukun Awosika (Mrs.) is a business mogul, author and also a motivational speaker. She is currently the Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria (huge glass ceiling breaking right there).

An afternoon with her was certainly worth it. She provided the audience with rare insight into entrepreneurship, marriage, relationship, career, etc. She shared her early life, growing up days, career (how driven and ambitious she was). She advised young people to stand up for what is right, to be honest and add value to their lives, not to look down on anybody, but always be diligent, upright and faithful in our dealings in every aspect of our lives.

One of her quotes was ”It’s better you get married at 30 or 40 years of age and live together to 80 years, than marrying early and marrying the wrong person.” She also shared her journey with Christ Jesus (how she gave her life to Christ), how she was determined never to give or take bribe.

The session which was compered by the wife of the Pastor of Convenant Christain Centre was a delightful one. I did learn a lot in the short period and I took some nuggets home ‘based on logistics’ (courtesy BigBrotherNaija, post for another day …heheeh)…Lolz.



#Love AndToleranceConference

Hello Sisi..

How are you doing? Great I suppose.

The few weeks have been somehow, a bit down but not out.

Buchi and I attended the International Conference on Love and Tolerance, hosted by UFUK Dialogue. It was supported by the Lagos State administration, UN Women & European Union (Promoting Women’s Engagement in Peace & Security in Northern Nigeria Program, Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Program.

It was about religious tolerance, religious extremism, conflict / peace resolution, how we could love others and live in harmony, especially with the religious extremism going on in different parts of the world.

Religious leaders of both faith (Christian and Muslim), Educationists, representatives of security agents, cultural groups and organisations, representatives of the Lagos State administration were among the attendees. Notable speakers from Nigeria and a Professor from US (Professor Sophia Pandya), all gave speeches that bother on tolerance, peace and living together in harmony.

Some school kids performed a dance drama, and a pretty Indian girl (I presumed) did a special dance that reminded me of India movies…she was that good.

I believe we should see one another as a friend, relative and be tolerant. This could lead to universal peace.

”Ability to accept diversity and be tolerant.

You didn’t create me, don’t kidnap me

You didn’t create me, don’t abduct me

Say no to kidnapping and abduction.’’

This quote was by one of the goodwill speakers.

Sights from the conference below.






Happy new year once again lady and blog visitors from the blogsphere.

I’ve been super busy since resuming work due to the long holidays. Trust you are doing great and having a good time at work and everywhere you may be right about now. .😊

The past few weeks have been good; aside work hustle, the gloomy economy and the insecurities that leave lives and properties destroyed in the northern part of the country, which makes me sad and weep for my nation, I can only thank God for seeing us through.

I attended the midweek church service last week and the traffic gridlock was unbearable, got home late and couldn’t enter the house because my neighbour locked the gate from within and the poor lady was obviously asleep; couldn’t blame her though, the hustle and bustle of Lagos is enough to wear one out 😕… was able to enter my apartment at about 12am, after several calls to her line and much ‘noise banging’ on the gate..lolz😆. She did apologise though.

Just this morning on my way to work, the commercial ‘danfo’ drivers were at their notorious and inebriated ways of driving, causing unnecessary traffic 😠. One of the drivers was trying to get passengers into his vehicle and he just had to stay in lane of other vehicles instead of him to move aside and park properly.

I honked severally for him to move out of the way. Thankfully, I was not speeding, because a lady who crossed the road to go board the said vehicle was almost knocked down by me 😱..I had to slam on the brakes and guess the shock made her slip…she fell, even though I didn’t hit her, other road users were insulting the driver and that was when he had to use his not-so-good-initiative to move off of the road and park properly 😒

I was just glad no harm came to the lady and thankful to God for the avoidable accident 😰

Hope your week goes on well and become positively eventful….😊😊☺




Hey Sisi!!

Oh wow! You certainly had an eventful morning! Yes, I am happy you and the lady were left unscathed! 

I am over here enjoying a day off thanks to MLK. Trying to enjoy my day and keep it as uneventful as possible. Will be back to the same hustle come tomorrow.

I do hope the rest of your weekly drives are not as boisterous but knowing Lagos and having witnessed the erratic driving myself, I know that is wishful thinking. Just please try to be safe, my love. 

Until next week, 




Hallos folks…

It’s been a wonderful 2016. Thankful and grateful to God for sustaining us all.

To all our blog visitors,  we say a big thank you for sharing your tales with us.

Thank you all for being a part of our 2016. 2017 will be a greater year for us all.

God bless you all.

Raise your glasses 🍷🍸🍷to a wonderful 2016.

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