Hallos folks…

It’s been a wonderful 2016. Thankful and grateful to God for sustaining us all.

To all our blog visitors, Β we say a big thank you for sharing your tales with us.

Thank you all for being a part of our 2016. 2017 will be a greater year for us all.

God bless you all.

Raise your glasses 🍷🍸🍷to a wonderful 2016.

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Hello everyone,

I want to direct your focus to this brilliant programme, Scribes and Orators, coming up on the 19th of December to Β 23rd.

Mrs. Eniola Olajobi (who happens to be a good friend of mine, we go way back) is the CEO of Brainy Educare Services, she came up with this programme for kids aged 4 to 16 years.

In her words “Confidence and eloquent speech making is one skill neccesary for children to acquire as earlier as possible in life.
The Parliamentary debate is one particularly designed to enhance participant’s critical reasoning and ability to respond objectively in general discussions on the spot!
Creative writing is another communication tool that can help our children influence the world positively and it sure comes out better with a beautiful and legible handwriting!
Legible handwriting is indeed an important element of success in all subjects. As a matter of fact, findings have proven that writing by hand reinforces spelling skills and enhances neural activity.”


Scribes & Orators is a five-day program aimed at honing the communication skills of young individuals especially in the art of writing and public speaking. Through this program, we hope to sharpen the oratorical abilities as well as writing prowess of children and teens; grooming them to become distinguished leaders and competent communicators in the nearest future.


1. To inspire the young minds to believe that they can achieve becoming great writers.

2. To motivate them to become great speech makers and positive change makers through clear and convincing public speeches.

3. To equip these young minds with the basics of public speaking and creative writing. Thus helping them to demystify the fears and set out on their journey towards becoming better communicators.

4. To provide them with the template to raise their communication status via; opportunities to get their writings published or participate in oratory contests at various levels.

These objectives will be achieved through interactive and practical methods coupled with group mentoring by outstanding and award winning young writers and public speakers.

The program will be concluded with a special session tagged the WOW event. This comprise of an oratory contest among participants, results of writing contest announced as well as presentations of gifts, awards and certificates.


οƒ˜ Fun learning rather than conventional teaching

οƒ˜ Participatory and Inspiring

οƒ˜ Brain training through brain-fitness activities

οƒ˜ Opportunity for follow up, mentoring and group counseling.

We are set to build young individuals with sound mind and intellect who can independently through their uncommon potentials, birth meaningful and much desired contributions for societal development.

I implore parents and guardians to make use of the opportunity to give the young ones a chance to equip themselves. Please visit the website for more information. . http://www.brainyeducare.com

Henry Ford said,β€œYou cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do but rather on what you have already done.”



December 1st marks the awareness of the AIDS pandemic, which is by the spread of HIV infection. World AIDS Day is also a day to mourn those who have passed away due to the disease. Globally, individuals, government, NGOs and health officials observe this day most times with education on prevention and control of AIDS.

In Nigeria, the 2016 Federal theme is ”Leadership. Commitment. Impact.”

To help those who are in pain, let’s not stigmatize them, rather show love and care. You can also donate to organizations that offer medication and relief for those who are suffering from the disease.

Also, we should try as much as possible to get tested at least every six months; protect yourselves when engaging in sexual activity, sterilizing personal effects that could leave at risk and see a doctor when you notice anything in your body metabolism.

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Hi Sis…

It’s been hectic these past few weeks…busy as a bee, running personal errands all through my annual leave, didn’t get time to rest.
It was during of one my running arounds that I came in contact with thsese little ones, whilst driving towards the outskirts of Lagos; I saw a group of kids in school uniform cleaning the surroundings of a dilapidated building with a teenager who was with a cane supervising them, and my curiousity got the better of me.

I parked off the road, and decided to go ask some questions.
I approached the teen, introduced myself, and told him I wanted to ask a few questions, he said no problem.

From my findings, I gathered that the dilapidated structure was a school, Glory Nursery and Primary School, in Ile-Ero, Agbado-Ijaye, Ogun State; and the teen who goes by the name Tope, was a teacher, he teaches Nursery 1 and 2 classes. He started in September 2016 after he finished High School, he took up this teaching job so as not to be idle at home, while preparing to write exams for University admission.

His experience teaching the young ones according to him was interesting though stressful because the kids can be quite a handful. The reason they were out cleaning was part of the teaching programme, to inbibe in the kids the culture of clean and healthy environment, which they do during break periods. He is quite a reserved young kid but very determined to pursue his dreams, and I wish him all d best.

The kids!? πŸ˜‚ Oh my, oh my!! πŸ˜† so boisterous and quite a handful. They were in different classes, and one of them stood out, his name is Malik. He had on his ear a bluetooth which he made out of a notebook leaves, when I inquired about the phone, he smiled with such swag, I knew he was gonna break hearts when he grew up. They were happy cleaning the surroundings, but not without mischief and some yelling from their teacher. That interaction left me with a nostalgia of my primary school days and growing up with a lot of mischief.

I was pained though 😒 due to the school building. It’s such a shame that the government is falling the people at all levels, and private individuals who want to give quality education are constrained by bureaucracy, limited infrastructure, exorbitant collaterals and what have you, that they have to make do with the limited resources available. On the other hand, not everyone has to build a school just to make profit or make ends meet, when the resources and necessary infrastructure that would aid children in receiving quality education are found wanting.

Here are a few pictures I took with permission from the teacher (told him also that I would blog about our interaction) and of course the kids who were all grinning from ear to ear 😊😊.



Hey Sisi,

Sorry for my late reply ooo…I can relate to you being a busy bee though. November was one busy month! But it was good busy! The kind of busy I won’t trade for anything, on all fronts. That is,work, family, friends and love.

But you know the downtime to being so busy is finding time for yourself to woo sa! I’m sure you had the same experience as I did. But right as it was, I did manage to squeeze in some me time. Can’t lose that. Now, if I can just make yoga in the next week! I will be totally balanced out and zen. 

I love your find with that elementary school ooo…I’m going to ask you what I’ve Bren asking daddy. All the money our president has been seizing, where is it hiding??? Shouldn’t that money be going exactly towards things like dilapidated schools, unsafe roads, drinking water and regular electricity? I honestly don’t understand why a place of learning for our youngest minds and the future of our country and continent, doesn’t get more attention. 

I want to say we will keep hoping for the best. But I’m tired of hoping. I think it’s time for our generation to take serious action. Get on the streets and protest. I am beginning to realize we must force changes if we desire it. 

Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend and an awesome week ahead. I miss and love you. Talk to you soon. 




As a child, I love art, I love drawing and cartoons made my day. As an adult, I’m so into animation, art imitating life and just love to laugh; part of my cheeky and sarcastic self was gotten mostly from animation movies, cartoons and satire.

So, today October 28th, we celebrate International Animation Day to recognize the artists, scientists and the technicians who are behind animated art, animated movies, cartoon drawings, etc…also to celebrate them.


Created by the International Animated Film Association (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) in 2002, the unofficial holiday commemorates the day in 1892 when Charles-Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique made its first public appearance at the Grevin Museum in Paris, France…. The first animated film was Humorous Phases of Funny Faces? It was created by J. Stuart Blackton and came out in 1906. ..http://www.timeanddate.com/..

Tips on celebrating the day:

Watch loads of animated movies (Tom & Jerry, Toy Story, Shrek, Cinderella, Frozen, Tarzan, etc..) and try as much as possible to learn about the art and science behind these movies. Young artists should be encouraged to take up animation as part of their future ambition (you can’t go wrong making people laugh and having a good time).

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Dear Sis,

This week has been particularly sun-scorching during the day, while the rains soothe us at night. Not fun, I must say, because the heat is unbearable. I had blisters on my lip (remember how that was a sign of fever, growing up), went to the hospital and got some meds.

I attended the the third anniversary of the Human Resources Professional today. It was established in October 2013, as a network of HR professionals with the aim to connect with HR pros; learn from each other, and provide various learning interventions that will make HR pros very knowledgeable in diverse Human Resources areas. One of the executives told me that one of the visions was this, and I quote “As we grow, we will begin to find mediums where we can affect the society positively”.

You should recall that I got inducted into HR in May after my professional exams. I was invited to join this noble group by a good friend of mine some months back. I’ve enjoyed good tips to be more professional and also got job interview through this platform.

Today marked the 3rd year of this noble group and the anniversary party was held at Omu Resort in Ibeju-Lekki, not too far from LaCampagne Tropicanna, where I attended a reunion party last week. I guess I’m channelling my Mungo Park curiosity in the name of tourism..😁

The resort is quite nice (add it to your list of ‘to-visit’ ohh πŸ˜†), there is a zoo where I saw a live lion for the very first time, and all kinds of animals. Also, different games and joy rides abound. I even played Badminton, though Lawn Tennis is my first love. Activities for the anniversary included dancing competition, quiz game, speech on Emotional Intelligence Β (please, read it up, quite enlightening ).

In all, it was a successful outing and I give kudos to the organisers. Looking forward to a better outing next year by God’s grace.