Hallos sisi and everyone…
I trust you all had a great week, mine was all right and I had the privilege of attending a health fair programme organised by two different organizations at different locations. One was by MMM Nigeria (Team Lagos) in conjuction with Blue Sky Hospital and the other was by Women of Destiny (an arm of Daystar Christian Centre).
Both outreachs provide basic preventive medicine and medical screening to folks in the community. It was both an interavtive and informative event.

The women of destiny health fair emphasises on breast feeding and benign breast lumps as well as living healthy. I did learn a lot like women under 40 should undergo an ultrasound  instead of mamogram which women above 40 are advised to go for due to the density of the breasts. More so is the health benefit of breast feeding to both the child and the mother.
So, can’t wait to start having babies, so as to give them the best nutrients they need to grow up healthy and brainy😆.

MMM Nigeria Team Lagos health fair programme changed my perspective about MMM (still cautious though). Before now, It was described as a ponzi scheme by the govt and financial institutions (meanwhile, workers in both institutions were heavy participants 😩) especially with the freezing of activities on the online platform in Dec. of 2016, where a lot of people could not get help after providing help to others…including yours truly, still have my money in the system.
I was reoriented by Mr, Shola and Mr. Gbenga who are guiders and they made it known that the greedy nature of some Nigerians caused the December temporary pause, but as at Jan 2017, administrators of MMM and MMM Nigeria went back to the drawing board to put guidelines in place whereby the purpose of MMM which is to break the unfair system of the financial world and give help to the less priviledged would be achieved. It is not about doubling money, but rather giving help with spare money that won’t hurt one to others who need help,thereby one also receiving help when in need. There is a caveat on the MMM platform and I quote “Warning, this is a community of mutual financial help! Participate only with spare money. Don’t contibute all the money you have.” Trust Nigerians to ignore.

The Team Lagos arm of MMM Nigeria contribute money on a monthly
basis with assistance from guiders in Russia to help the less privileged, this gave rise to the health fair in order to assist those who could not afford health care in terms of free eye test with eye glasses, test and free treatment on hypertension, diabetes, malaria/typhoid for both young and old.
This noble gesture isn’t only done by Lagos team, same charitable events are also done by an arm of MMM Nigeria in Port Harcourt and Abuja.

I know quite a number of people would have their misgivings about MMM, I would advise one go through the new guidelines which is more believable and offers ways of providing and getting help without much hassles and greediness rather than the greedy way previous MMM guiders latched on.

For avoidance of doubts and to get more information concerning MMM, kindly call Mr. Shola (a.k.a. Leccturer), on 08055248912.

Here are some pictures from the health fair.









6 thoughts on “#HealthCareOutreach

  1. Nice. I for one will still remain cautious about investing in MMM but if they want to do a lil CSR on the side,why not. It should be encouraged. Funny was thinking about going for a full body check up and I can’t over emphasis the need for that. There should be more awareness now than ever.
    All in all,looks like you had a fab weekend.;-)


    • Id ,it’s not an investment but an opportunity to put smiles on others faces and then some other putting smile on your face in return. Many still see it as an investment but it’s clearly written on the page that it’s a mutual aid community and just as in real life, you not assured of getting help in return whenever you provide help even to your own blood so those participating have been warned to use spare money


  2. Hi folks, just like T said, Nigerians saw Mmm as an opportunity to double their money and the first sets of participants were greedy which led to the 2016 freeze. The ideology is to break the world *unjust financial system* . You are to provide help with your SPARE not with your all so that we can all have access to funds to survive whenever we need it. Anyways thanks for coming to the event but there are no pictures from the women’s event


  3. Thanks Id… I sure did. I can understand you being cautious, just had to give the platform the benefit of the doubt and stay neutral. Thank you for taking out time to read and leave your comments.

    @Lecturer..Pics were kinda not allowed, hence no upload from the event. It was an eye-opener for me though and learnt quite a lot.



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