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What do you think of this article, as I am aware that you are not just a hard worker, you are pretty smart when it comes to work? … **inserts wide grin**

It can be said that hard work means working monotonously in the same old conduct and technique whereas, smart work is to change the approach in which the work is done, in order to get improve output.

Our culture respect of hard work dates back to the ideals of our forefathers, who possessed a tireless work ethic and noble humility. Evolution to a service economy for most nations and particularly during the digital revolution of the past quarter-century, hard work has become a remnant of the analogue, industrial past and people are now being taught to work smarter, not harder.

In as much as working hard is giving it your all from the second you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, which can’t be faulted , it can also be said that someone might be able to do the same amount of work in less amount of time, by working smarter and more efficiently.

Depending on each person’s distinctive personal statement and meaning of success, working smart differs. Work smart basically means figuring out what our strengths are and building a network around us to build upon, in order to reach goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Finding ways to work smarter, not harder and finally achieve the work-life balance one desires lean on the more self-awareness one gains about his/her work style.

Key difference between hard work and smart work is that while the former is when one does same work in a dedicated manner but rarely feel like they accomplished anything, not getting the recognition they deserve, the former is when one does the same amount of work, but faster and more efficiently, aiming to accomplish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, result-oriented and time-bound) goals.

Some critics have said that there is no substitute for hard work and that smart work is shortcuts that people came up with. The question is, smart work has been proven to work, if you could achieve the same amount of work, in the same time, how can that be a shortcut? Probably, the question should be, why are we not engaging in both?

Hard work comprises skills which are accomplished through physical capabilities, dedication, way in which one can give his/her maximum effort to achieve predetermined goal. Smart work on the other hand is, innovating new ideas which requires intellectual capabilities and emotional intelligence to get the work done, way in which or when one can use their hard work potentially to accomplish their target.

Both hard work and smart work are crucial and not to be seen as mutually exclusive, but not sufficient for business success, as vision, risk control, creativity amongst others play a fundamental role. Young professionals and promising entrepreneurs must not only work harder and smarter but also longer and better because the competition is already doing that.






4 thoughts on “#BridgingHardWorkAndSmartWork

  1. How does this apply to me as an individual? I’m still trying to find out.Maybe because my subconscious feels that this post is inconclusive. Or is it supposed to be?


    • Hi Chioma.. Thanks for taking out time to read.. The human mind can stretched as far as we want it… If you felt it inconclusive, can’t fault that, the post is for us to draw inference and give our take..
      Would love to read your view about the post though, or your opinion on hard/ smart work.. 😊


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