The time was 6.40pm on Monday of this week;  after a hectic work day, when Idowu, Bosola, a  couple of colleagues and I got to Magodo, for the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International – Magodo Chapter Meal Outreach, which we were invited to by a friend and colleague of ours, Anthony Kadiri.

The evening was opened by the MC, Barr. Dayo Adebayo, introductions were done (meeting and getting to know about other guests) and an opening prayer to kick starts the program. Networking comes with business dinner, and one has to be good at small talks, which the MC encouraged when he asked guests to greet one another.

A brief history of the fellowship was given and the purpose for the meal outreach is to interact with one another, share like mind ideas and encourage people to join. The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, according to Wikipedia, is a fellowship of lay businessmen, with headquarters in Califonia, USA. Its main purpose is to bring interest to the Christian gospel.

The meal in the ‘meal outreach’ was such a sumptuous one, I have to admit. Testimonies were given of how good God has been to fellow members. Non-members were encouraged to join the fellowship; with the major criteria being one must be a born-again Christian.

As the evening drew to a close (even though we didn’t stay till the very last minute), guests were invited to sing a happy birthday song for one of the executive members as he cut the birthday cake alongside his wife.

It was a simple and pleasant night out. I did enjoy the evening and I look forward to attending such outreach, meal or no meal inclusive…lolz.

Find below sights from the event.







9 thoughts on “#GospelBusinessDinner

  1. Nice one Tee….well my observation:
    Hope you guys didn’t end up wasting that ‘sumptuous’ meal. Wasting of food is a sin you know, especially in this part of the world. There are loads of kids just outside the door who are dying to have just a spoon or two….

    Also, why is it that at events people turn themselves into full time photographers, sometimes forgetting the real reason why they are there in the first place? And that includes you, if you got these pics with your phone.

    Anyways….I used to be involved somewhat with a group similar to the Ful Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. It’s called Y’s Men International, an initiative of the YMCA.

    It’s good to be involved with these kinds of groups especially if one’s motive is honest and genuine.

    For me then, my motivation was the international exposure i thought it would bring, which in retrospect I believe was selfish. However, I wasn’t even patient enough to stick around and enjoy the benefits of international travels….LOL


    • Andrew… I took pics for the event, as I could not bring you guys sounds, felt pics qould suffice..
      I get your point about the selfies and snapping away… 😂 . Trust me, I gained a lot and I was attentive.
      You are right too about the motivation aspect of joining such noble causes… and I do remember YCMA, through novels though.😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi,

        Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to get a shot or two from an event, but standing around and “snapping away” with your mobile phone or tablet as if one is the official photographer is a turn off for me, especially when you have almost half the attendees ‘photograph-ing’ (yuck!). Besides, I know you sufficiently enough to know that you don’t get distracted or distract people unnecessarily.

        This trend of “snapping away” has become almost our culture in the country. People just take pictures they don’t need, and most times these pictures simply end up clogging up memory space on these devices. Meanwhile, they are oblivious to the fact that they are a major distraction to other people.

        At the end of the day, it all boils down to discipline and self-restraint.an


      • I understand what u meant Andrew.. Lolz..
        We saying the same thing… I also don’t like people clustering and snapping away while obstructing the view of others..
        I wait for a good chance and take a good shot.. That’s it..
        Thanks much for your input… 😊


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