#Love AndToleranceConference

Hello Sisi..

How are you doing? Great I suppose.

The few weeks have been somehow, a bit down but not out.

Buchi and I attended the International Conference on Love and Tolerance, hosted by UFUK Dialogue. It was supported by the Lagos State administration, UN Women & European Union (Promoting Women’s Engagement in Peace & Security in Northern Nigeria Program, Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Program.

It was about religious tolerance, religious extremism, conflict / peace resolution, how we could love others and live in harmony, especially with the religious extremism going on in different parts of the world.

Religious leaders of both faith (Christian and Muslim), Educationists, representatives of security agents, cultural groups and organisations, representatives of the Lagos State administration were among the attendees. Notable speakers from Nigeria and a Professor from US (Professor Sophia Pandya), all gave speeches that bother on tolerance, peace and living together in harmony.

Some school kids performed a dance drama, and a pretty Indian girl (I presumed) did a special dance that reminded me of India movies…she was that good.

I believe we should see one another as a friend, relative and be tolerant. This could lead to universal peace.

”Ability to accept diversity and be tolerant.

You didn’t create me, don’t kidnap me

You didn’t create me, don’t abduct me

Say no to kidnapping and abduction.’’

This quote was by one of the goodwill speakers.

Sights from the conference below.






4 thoughts on “#Love AndToleranceConference

  1. That’s really nice dear, would have been fun and very enlightening to attend such. Life as we know it has changed. I remember when I used to take walks on the streets of Lagos without any fear, wish I could go back in time….


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