Happy new year once again lady and blog visitors from the blogsphere.

I’ve been super busy since resuming work due to the long holidays. Trust you are doing great and having a good time at work and everywhere you may be right about now. .😊

The past few weeks have been good; aside work hustle, the gloomy economy and the insecurities that leave lives and properties destroyed in the northern part of the country, which makes me sad and weep for my nation, I can only thank God for seeing us through.

I attended the midweek church service last week and the traffic gridlock was unbearable, got home late and couldn’t enter the house because my neighbour locked the gate from within and the poor lady was obviously asleep; couldn’t blame her though, the hustle and bustle of Lagos is enough to wear one out πŸ˜•… was able to enter my apartment at about 12am, after several calls to her line and much ‘noise banging’ on the gate..lolzπŸ˜†. She did apologise though.

Just this morning on my way to work, the commercial ‘danfo’ drivers were at their notorious and inebriated ways of driving, causing unnecessary traffic 😠. One of the drivers was trying to get passengers into his vehicle and he just had to stay in lane of other vehicles instead of him to move aside and park properly.

I honked severally for him to move out of the way. Thankfully, I was not speeding, because a lady who crossed the road to go board the said vehicle was almost knocked down by me 😱..I had to slam on the brakes and guess the shock made her slip…she fell, even though I didn’t hit her, other road users were insulting the driver and that was when he had to use his not-so-good-initiative to move off of the road and park properly πŸ˜’

I was just glad no harm came to the lady and thankful to God for the avoidable accident 😰

Hope your week goes on well and become positively eventful….😊😊☺




Hey Sisi!!

Oh wow! You certainly had an eventful morning! Yes, I am happy you and the lady were left unscathed! 

I am over here enjoying a day off thanks to MLK. Trying to enjoy my day and keep it as uneventful as possible. Will be back to the same hustle come tomorrow.

I do hope the rest of your weekly drives are not as boisterous but knowing Lagos and having witnessed the erratic driving myself, I know that is wishful thinking. Just please try to be safe, my love. 

Until next week, 




11 thoughts on “#NewYearIncidence

  1. Hey Tee,

    Glad to read from you. I’m sure you are OK and thank goodness you didn’t hit the lady. The commercial bus drivers in Lagos are just necessary evil we’ve been coping with for decades.
    Hope barrister is also fine as well as every other members of the family?

    This year shall be better than the previous one in Jesus name. Stay focused ,be prayerful,put in more efforts at work(infact,you need a change of job) and the Lord will crown all efforts with success in Jesus name.

    Miss you and see you soon. To all other visitors ,this is wishing us a prosperous 2017 in Jesus name



    • Thanks Lecturer and a warm hug to you for your support and encouragment…. Amen to the prayers..
      πŸ˜‚ at job change.. So me right now…
      Barrister ‘lawyer’ 😁 is fine ohh…
      Hope to see ur intelligent self soon.



  2. Nice write up. Thank God for his mercies…..Lagos Drivers can sometimes act like they and other members just concluded meeting in the devil’s dungeon! Lol
    ..wishing you a year of achieving Great things.


  3. Happy New Year dear…quite a while. I must say I feel you on this January rush,didn’t get to work until half 8 cos of traffic even after all the attempts to wake up early and get here on time. Our ibo brothers are finally back,lol! I also thank God for averting this morning’s incident with the lady who crossed the road, these danfo drivers always exhibit their animalistic tendencies, it still amazes me till date. Even after there has been effort to sanitise the bus stops, they just go a step further and do the incredible. Oh well,God help us in Lagos.

    It’s quite unfortunate what is happening in our country and we just have to continue praying and make a conscious effort to show love to those around us.

    All in all,I wish you a blessed and favour filled week hun. Stay cute…xoxo!


    • Thanks Id ….
      I was avoiding the rush hour, so as to make it to the office in good time…and those ‘Agberos’ in form of drivers😠 want to wicked themselves and not me…
      πŸ˜‚ at our ‘Ibo’bros…yep… They back to take over the road territory…
      God will surely help our nation, in order for us all to experience peace, tolerance and love towards one another.
      Thanks for the support.
      God bless you and all other visitors.



  4. What a day you had Tee, if only we as a country and nation would learn to be socially conscious things would be better…
    I want you to think about what I mean by social counciousness. If the driver was socially concious, he would have moved over to the right lane before picking up the passenger.
    Also, let’s not neglect the responsibility of the passenger who decided to board the bus in the middle of a multi-laned road. If all passengers insisted on staying in the proper place and not be dogmatic enough to violate traffic just to be the first person to board the bus, the drivers will certainly have no choice but to pull over in to the proper lane. The lady carries the same blame of not being socially conscious and as such the calamity of Africa continues.
    Have you ever ask yourself why a continent with so much grace and nurture and intelligence is so deprived of the best things in the world? It’s because we as people refused to value the importance of social consciousness. It’s for the same reason why the economic disparity continues. The same reason why there are many young children being raped and neglected by their very own community. Why an elected official would be so corrupt that he/she would build a mansion in the middle of slums. Why the haves will have constant electricity but see no problem with living in streets without street lights. Why most people contribute their hard earn money to build mega churches with all the current vanities but go home to their less than average “room and parlour” with no basic amenities.
    When you look at history, it’s evident that the society that values social consciousness are the society that progresses and prevails. That’s what we should preach and teach…
    Happy new year sisters!


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