Hello everyone,

I want to direct your focus to this brilliant programme, Scribes and Orators, coming up on the 19th of December to  23rd.

Mrs. Eniola Olajobi (who happens to be a good friend of mine, we go way back) is the CEO of Brainy Educare Services, she came up with this programme for kids aged 4 to 16 years.

In her words “Confidence and eloquent speech making is one skill neccesary for children to acquire as earlier as possible in life.
The Parliamentary debate is one particularly designed to enhance participant’s critical reasoning and ability to respond objectively in general discussions on the spot!
Creative writing is another communication tool that can help our children influence the world positively and it sure comes out better with a beautiful and legible handwriting!
Legible handwriting is indeed an important element of success in all subjects. As a matter of fact, findings have proven that writing by hand reinforces spelling skills and enhances neural activity.”


Scribes & Orators is a five-day program aimed at honing the communication skills of young individuals especially in the art of writing and public speaking. Through this program, we hope to sharpen the oratorical abilities as well as writing prowess of children and teens; grooming them to become distinguished leaders and competent communicators in the nearest future.


1. To inspire the young minds to believe that they can achieve becoming great writers.

2. To motivate them to become great speech makers and positive change makers through clear and convincing public speeches.

3. To equip these young minds with the basics of public speaking and creative writing. Thus helping them to demystify the fears and set out on their journey towards becoming better communicators.

4. To provide them with the template to raise their communication status via; opportunities to get their writings published or participate in oratory contests at various levels.

These objectives will be achieved through interactive and practical methods coupled with group mentoring by outstanding and award winning young writers and public speakers.

The program will be concluded with a special session tagged the WOW event. This comprise of an oratory contest among participants, results of writing contest announced as well as presentations of gifts, awards and certificates.


 Fun learning rather than conventional teaching

 Participatory and Inspiring

 Brain training through brain-fitness activities

 Opportunity for follow up, mentoring and group counseling.

We are set to build young individuals with sound mind and intellect who can independently through their uncommon potentials, birth meaningful and much desired contributions for societal development.

I implore parents and guardians to make use of the opportunity to give the young ones a chance to equip themselves. Please visit the website for more information. . http://www.brainyeducare.com

Henry Ford said,“You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do but rather on what you have already done.”



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