Dear Sis,

This week has been particularly sun-scorching during the day, while the rains soothe us at night. Not fun, I must say, because the heat is unbearable. I had blisters on my lip (remember how that was a sign of fever, growing up), went to the hospital and got some meds.

I attended the the third anniversary of the Human Resources Professional today. It was established in October 2013, as a network of HR professionals with the aim to connect with HR pros; learn from each other, and provide various learning interventions that will make HR pros very knowledgeable in diverse Human Resources areas. One of the executives told me that one of the visions was this, and I quote “As we grow, we will begin to find mediums where we can affect the society positively”.

You should recall that I got inducted into HR in May after my professional exams. I was invited to join this noble group by a good friend of mine some months back. I’ve enjoyed good tips to be more professional and also got job interview through this platform.

Today marked the 3rd year of this noble group and the anniversary party was held at Omu Resort in Ibeju-Lekki, not too far from LaCampagne Tropicanna, where I attended a reunion party last week. I guess I’m channelling my Mungo Park curiosity in the name of tourism..😁

The resort is quite nice (add it to your list of ‘to-visit’ ohh 😆), there is a zoo where I saw a live lion for the very first time, and all kinds of animals. Also, different games and joy rides abound. I even played Badminton, though Lawn Tennis is my first love. Activities for the anniversary included dancing competition, quiz game, speech on Emotional Intelligence  (please, read it up, quite enlightening ).

In all, it was a successful outing and I give kudos to the organisers. Looking forward to a better outing next year by God’s grace.


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