Hey Sisi,

I have been quite into myself of late, the economy isn’t smiling, I can’t afford to as well even though it’s a free gift to be used as often as possible. Really tired of complaining, decided to be positive in my thinking.

So, I got a medal plaque for being a Shopaholic; don’t get me wrong ohh, there are different meanings of that word according to good ol’ Wikipedia. One is a person considered to be addicted to shopping, while another means a slang term for compulsive shopping, a.k.a. Compulsive buying disorder, I fall in the latter category (heheehe…). Which defines you lady?

There is this Online market (Jumia) where I buy stuff from and also order items for friends and colleagues using my account. Apparently, the Online market team decided to make me a sales rep in July, as I buy, I get small commission, going my order history. I was not too keen at first, because marketing and sales are not my forte, but I decided to be included so that I could use the commission to well….SHOP!! lolz.

Few days ago, I got an e-mail from the team called J-Force, that I have been promoted to a Bronze member. The highest is Captain. I’m not looking forward to running the race of that title (I get calls from the team to make huge sales, but I do tell them, I buy needed items, not to be making money ohh, and I didn’t force myself to be a member of the team, I was cajoled, plus recession is hitting hard nau) because recession isn’t allowing people to buy items, rather they save the little they have.

All the same I gained from my shopping, and I can assure you that I’ve used my small commissions to help the needy and also…… Yep, your guess is on point…*emoji grinning face*.

Here is a pic of my medal plaque.




Hello my love!

This award of yours is special ooo…congrats!!! I know all too well how tough the last few weeks have been for you. This certainly is a welcomed bright spot, especially with the gloomy cloud of home.

I know you have been telling me that the economy had plumented, but I heard some examples of how dire the situation is yesterday and I must say, I feel truly saddened and I’m thinking of ways I can make things better in my own little way.

I heard particularly that people are forced to feed their new born adult food because of the scarcity of food source, including baby formula. ย I hear adults and children alike are literally starving to death. And to top it all off, kidnapping for ransom and home robberies are at an all time high.

Now, I truly understand your desire to leave that country already. I am sure people with the means will for sure be leaving in droves soon.

I want to lament and say that there is a blessing to this suffering of our people, but I cannot honestly bring myself to accept that any God would do this to people. And only God gives blessings. What is happening at home is the culmination of all the evil of human kind. Until our politicians reacquaint themselves with their humanity, I’m afraid our poor nation will keep getting poorer.

In the meantime, I say God bless Nigeria and I ask you, my beloved, to stay safe and positive.




7 thoughts on “#ShopaholicGain

  1. I have heard about this Jumia sales commission thing before but never knew one could take it to the next level like you have managed to achieve by earning a JForce Bronze Agent Badge, albeit inadvertently. Kudos and well done Miss Shopaholic! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. Really innovative and an opportunity for people who want an extra income or something like that. It should be publicized even more for the benefits of those who hasn’t heard or read about it who would be interested. Thumbs up


  3. Thanks everyone …
    Ykman…in this Buhari era, no account talk more of emptying one..๐Ÿ˜‚

    Wunmi…thanks jare. Yea, the country is that gloomy and those tales you heard are not by moonlight ohh, they are very much being played out. God loves us, but we don’t love one another, that’s why some never-do-wells have decided to steal our collective wealth and leave our nation in such a sorry state.

    People are so leaving in droves, even those who don’t have the means find a way.
    We can only continue to be positive and do our little part to make our world better.๐Ÿ˜Š


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