Held internationally on October 5, World Teachers’ Day is an avenue to appreciate our teachers and thank them for their worthy contributions in our classrooms, communities and society at large. The aim for this day is to mobilize support for teachers as well as ensure that future generations needs will continue to be met by teachers.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) established World Teachers’ Day in 1994 to recognize the role of teachers in the society.

There are several factors that keep children in school, teachers are one of them. They influence learning, help students think critically, tackle problems and so many more. The hope and a promise of better standard of living can be offered via a quality education; however, dearth of motivated and competent teachers bring about low or no quality education.

The Nigerian government need to do more for our teachers. They are not well remunerated, unpaid salaries, teach in dilapidated and overloaded classrooms, poor conditions of service among others. The teaching profession should be taken seriously; provision of adequate training, computer literacy, professional development, protection for teachers’ rights should be uppermost.

Marking this day in Nigeria would be without smiles, due to teachers being owed salaries in most states of the federation, aside Lagos State that I heard teachers are being paid promptly. How will they provide for their own children? Unable to pay their own children school fees, can’t live in minimal comfort, the list is endless. Every level of government’s attention should be drawn to the plight of teachers and improve their welfare.

Let’s empower our teachers to build a sustainable society.

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