According to Wikipedia.. Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations for payment or some other benefit. A person who works in this field is called a prostitute or a sex worker.

The first ever International Day of No Prostitution was on October 5, 2002, the American feminist prostitution survivors’ group ‘Escape’ came up with this idea. IDNP is being observed by anti-prostitutions to sharpen people’s awareness of the dangers and misery stemming from prostitution.

Growing up in Naija, stories of red light district sound strange to my ears. Allen Avenue in Ikeja and Rumuola in Port Harcourt were notorious for prostitution. In Benin City also, stories abound of how young ladies travel to Italy to prostitute. As I grew older and passed these two places in the night, I can hardly disagree, as I’ve seen them ladies of the night. Stories of what they go through in the hands of men and handlers, such as taking oaths, subjecting themselves to all manners of physical abuse, involving in fetish ways and voodooism, leave me in a sad state.

I have had interactions with some in Ajao Estate, Lagos, years ago. They live like female students in a hostel and have a pimp who collects money from them. I did ask one of two of them who I talk to and ask them why they do this job; which is regarded as the oldest profession in the world, by the way, they did say they had no alternatives and would actually like to quit but don’t know how.

I didn’t judge them (I did when I was a youngster, as I grow older, I knew better), just tried to understand. I remember my ex who I was dating then was angry with my closeness to them, and usually warned them to stay away from me….lolz.

Supporters of IDNP advocate for its prohibition (prostitution is legal in some countries), saying that it cannot be a sign of an egalitarian society. We also have some NGOs in Nigeria who are in the forefront of this fight and rehabilitate prostitutes. This awareness will shed more light on this topic.

Protect our women, young girls and boys from prostitution.

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One thought on “#InternationalDayOfNoProstitution

  1. Prostitution, armed robbery and other forms of criminal activities have the same cause: unemployment.

    If we could solve the problem of unemployment, we can stem down prostitution and crime. To solve the problem of unemployment is to first provide basic amenities (food, shelter, electricity, transportation, etc) then create and enabling business and investment climate for industry and small businesses to thrive.

    Until we are able to focus on these things, we’ll continue to live with the menace of prostitution around us.

    Yet still others might have different views.

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