Today marks International Heart Day, which happens to be World Heart’s Federation platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD).It’s a day to ponder on our health and reassess the choices we make.
To mark the day here in Naija, our own very decorated football player in the whole of Africa, Kanu Nwankwo led some people in conjunction with his Kanu Heart Foundation for a 3KM Walk For Life Event, which held today at Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. A notable celebrity, AY, as well as the first recipient of the Heart Foundation, joined him in the walk.
I’m really a huge fan of Kanu Nwankwo, especially when he was at Arsenal (I’m an ardent Gunner, no apology) hehe… even though I followed his career right from Ajax Fc. When he was diagnosed with a heart defect shortly after Super Eagles of Nigeria’s victory at the Alanta’96 Olympics where they took the gold medal, it almost cut short his career. I was sad and he was in our prayers. With his unwavering faith in God, he underwent the heart surgery successfully in Cleveland Hospital, Ohio, USA.
I’m pretty sure he was overwhelmed with the public show of concern for his health when he was in rehabilitation, guess it gave him the push to found the charitable organisation, which was meant to serve the African continent. He was determined to ensure that five KHF hospitals to ease the problem of undetected heart disease and corrective surgery were built in Africa.
We should all bear in mind that our hearts are at the center of our health, we have to take good care of it and improve our well-being, by cutting down on alcohol, eating right, and quitting nicotine intake. It is also of interest to note that due to the nature of the environment; there is a rising rate of heart disease, which stems from pollution from smoking vehicles of generators, vehicles and heavy machinery, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, salty diets and the likes.
Health is wealth people, guard your hearts diligently!
Additional credits: http://www.kanuheartfoundationng.com, http://www.onlinenigeria.com

2 thoughts on “#WorldHeartDay

  1. Just as Nwankwo Kanu was ” determined ” ☺ to see through the setting up of his KHF hospitals in order to contribute to reducing the incidences of heart related ailments in Africa, we must be determined to also live right by adopting a lifestyle favourable to the heart.

    Specifically we can follow these 10 steps:
    ●Don’t eat industrial vegetable oils. …
    ●Eat traditional, saturated fats. …
    ●Eat less sugar (including simple carbs). …
    ●Eat nutrient dense foods (especially organ meats and egg yolks!) …
    ●Eat fermented foods. …
    ●Take your high-vitamin cod liver oil. …
    ●Be active & go outside often. Walk more.
    ●Maintain a healthy weight – not too fat or too thin.
    ●Quit smoking and at the same time minimise exposure to other toxins.
    ●Manage stress and enjoy life. Live and think positively.


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