Hi sisi…

It’s really uninspiring telling you the same tales of ‘woes’ our dear nation has descended into. In one of our older posts, you said that you hope in the coming months, things would have normalized. I dare say, we are still waiting.

Anyways, as Wednesday is HumpDay…. I leave you with these inspiring quotes to lift your day higher, as mine is being lifted.

To all our readers…HappyHumpDay#

Pics. credit: http://www.quoteslike.com, http://www.google.com/imgres





WOW!!! You have certainly lifted my heart with these awe-inspiring words.  Thank you for sharing, as always.  May the light of your spirit continue to shine and extend to all those around you.  I love you.

I am also happy to hear that despite the woes of your surroundings, you are finding ways to rise above, and utilizing the ever famous “life goes on” mentality.  If I am being honest, for things to improve, for yourself and those around you, one must embody positivity and light and believe that despite it all, things will get better.

Perhaps, I am naive or in denial.  But, I remain hopeful that things will get better for our people.  In fact, the depths of my heart tell me that things will flourish for our people.  Unfortunately, I do not have a magic plan for how this will occur, but I believe that with love, light, positivity, perseverance, goals and plans, anything can be achieved.

So, as we begin this Sunday and a new week shortly thereafter, I leave you with one more gem below.  I love that quote so much, I hung it on my bedroom wall.

I hope that we can all utilize these nuggets of wisdom in the upcoming weeks, months and years.  What’s more, I hope that these words inspire others as they have inspired me, and make our homes and the world a better, more peaceful place. Amin.  






5 thoughts on “#HappyHumpDay

  1. Thanks sis.
    I do believe too that there is a light at the end of this Naija never-ending tunnel…😊.
    I like this your quote. If only we all in the world could “do all things with love”; the world would be at peace and be a better place for us all with no terror, strive or hate amongst all race.
    Happy Sunday to u to and to all our readers.
    Love u too sisi…..forever and always!!!



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