As I stare out of my office window watching the rain beat heavily against d windows, I recall Missy Elliot’s song “It’s my window, I can stand the rain”; childhood memories crawl in too, good times dancing and playing in the rain, and some-not-so-good-times….huge sigh!

This brings me to the topic, ‘Dear Lady’. A book written by Miss Imoleayo Temola, the “Introduction Page”reminded me of growing up, different yet so similar and familiar….story for another day.

The book is an interesting read, you wont want to put down till you are done reading. It creatively discussed in nineteen chapters issues about purpose fulfilment, relationship matters, success habits, winning ways, et al, that a typical lady would be concerned about.

I implore females out there (young and old) to get and read this book as it shares simple and easy secret codes to becoming the best outstanding female in the society.
Please get a copy from Amazon, JumiaNigeria (N1, 500), and from me too…😊.


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