Howdy lady? How did your week go?
Mine was what I would call ‘same ol’same’….lolz. I refuse to complain,I’m alive, healthy and kicking….what more can I ask for? Oh well, what the heck, will gladly ask for money and plenty of it at that…
So, yours truly experienced being stuck in the elevator. .I’ve never experienced it before, even though I’ve heard tales of others and seen it happened in movies.
It was during the week, on my way to the 3rd floor of my office complex with a male colleague of mine: we got into the elevator, the door closed and then ‘gboooom’, the eleavtor stopped midway and d lights went out.
For some secs, I froze! Recollection of movies where such happend came to me, and was scared we were gonna be there for hours.
Thankfully, I’m not claustrophobic or whatever being stuck in the elevator phobia is called, would have been hyperventilating. ..come to think of it, not sure I’ve any phobia or allergy ohh. Sorry, I digress.
We started banging on d door and screaming for someone to hear. By now, wasn’t scared anymore, as our other colleagues heard our scream and told us to calm down, that help was on the way. I was telling my colleague how it was easy to escape from stuck elevator in the movies…was wishing I was Raymond Reddington of Blacklist series’ sidekick, Eliazabeth..would have used my ingenuity to get us out…lolz.
After about 10mins, the power came back on, and we were able to get out, and we became d butt of our colleagues jokes, saying hope nothing kinky went down in d elevator, naughty minds!
Have a fun week everyone….Xoxo….


11 thoughts on “#Stucked

  1. lmsao…
    u guys wud hav climbed up d lift.
    movie style.
    wud hav bee cooler if u caught dat on camera n uploaded it though.
    my hols was good.indoor mostly bcoz of gwagz heat.
    honestly, ppl shouldn’t be living here.
    yet d govt posts ppl to borno to experience a taste of hell.
    bloody inhumans, kill dem n dey will, well…some will go to hell for sure.
    good evening babe.


    • You such a clown …lolz. I didn’t have my device with me, neither did my colleague.
      Naija as we know it. The heat is everywhere ohh, not only in Gwagz….praying for rain like never before.


    • Lol… I’m so looking forward to discovering that…well, aside phobia of cockroach, rats and crawling things, et al… That should be ‘roachphobia’ I guess…lolz.


  2. Hey Tee, lol! I can imagine. I would have screamed my life out being stuck in a lift with no light. I actually entered the lift ten minutes after you came out and my colleagues were surprised I didn’t get hooked. Thanks to God nothing bad happened to you.


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