Hiya Sisi…
My week was kinda stressful.

The dire situation in Naija is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Since Donald Trump has singled out we Nigerians for deportation if he won the US presidency, the thought of relocating to God’s own country has taken a back seat ohh..

I wear rumpled clothes to the office as electricity is non-existent, yet my electricity bills keep increasing every month: water is now a luxury, and fuel?; laughable because gold is ubiquitous where that is concerned.

I could go on and on and bore you with the sorry state we find ourselves, especially with the satirical play going on at Abuja, where 1/10th of the population is holding the nation to ransom due to their needless and selfish interests. Need I say more?

Here are pics of how we subject ourselves to all sort of desperate measures and survival instincts to meet daily needs.
What happened here was that, after I had queue for hours to get into the filling station for fuel (beacuse I needed to fuel my car and buy to power the generator at home), the manager of the filling station had instructed the fuel attendant not to sell fuel in the keg; but then people need fuel to power their generators and for other things I guess, aside vehicles.

So, one have to plead with the fuel attendants to sell fuel in the kegs, or tip them at times. By so doing, the attendants would ask one to put the keg in the car or in the booth, in lieu of just placing it on the ground, and he has to be on the lookout for the manager, so as not to be reprimanded or suspensed from his job.

Unfortunately, the manager saw him, and was busy screaming at him and at us of course, he had to stop the fuel pump and that was how I got some litres as reservoir (as d vehicle was already filled up).
The second pic shows a young man (there are others everywhere)who hustled to buy fuel in the keg and sell to motorists who could not queue, and it would be sold at a higher price (black market).

Don’t you just love Naija?!!!!

On a cheering note, I passed my exams (that course I took on since last year February, that had me having sleepless nights of reading, studying and endless coffee intake, lolz).
Yours truly is now a chartered Human Resources practitioner..
Let the offers roll in!!!




Dear Sisi,

SMH . . . sounds like nothing much has changed since December.  I honestly don’t understand how the country constantly has fuel shortages with all the fuel in the country! I am happy that in the midst of it all, you are coping rather well and still succeeding as exemplified by your success on your EXAM!!! Congratulations, my darling! Better and greater things to come for you and for our fine nation.

I have to say that our continuous conversation about the trials and tribulations of our dear nation, causes me to pause and think deeply on my own life and path.  It challenges me to re-evaluate the things I complain about on a daily basis.  One of my very good friend, I call her, Joy Joy, calls them #FirstWorldProblems.

I was telling Joy that coming home, as wonderful, exciting and fun as it was, was a huge reality check.  After my trip home, I made a mindful effort to #AdjustMyAttitude.  Remind myself of the things I need to really focus on and let the petty nonsense of everyday life go.

In any case, I look forward to things improving in the next coming months – nationally and personally.  I am excited for better days and greater news.  In the meantime, I will continue to #AdjustMyAttitude and continue to check my #FirstWorldProblems, and I urge us all to do the same in all aspects of our lives.











5 thoughts on “#GotFuel?

  1. On point Adetoro, the fuel crisis in the country is killing walahi, the economy has crumbled completely…my dear welcome to the profession, its good to have you in HR.


  2. It’s the same story everywhere from Lagos to Ondo,to Kaduna. Point of correction, the people holding us to ransom are not up to 1/10th of the population at times I wonder if it’s the devil himself that’s ruling this Nation.
    Congrats on the successful completion of your HRM course.
    God bless Nigeria


  3. Lol, nice write-up though. Well my ordeal was quite more shambolic to yours. I had to jettison work on a Monday morning to queue just to buy PMS and yours truly wasted 9 hours of productive man-hour just to get the tank of a car filled with 50litres of PMS (7am -5pm) which came with hard labour. I got my share of sunburn as I was in this scorching sun for that period of time. I went from semi light skinned to dark skinned and when I finally gained entrance to the gas station, I had the same feeling as I did the night Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League, though this time it wasn’t that of happiness but sadness as I began to reminisce on Chinua Achebe’s ‘things fall apart’..We’ve come this far as a nation and its sad that we are where we are. I wont go into some political analysis as this platform ain’t for such. Truth is I have not recovered ever since both mentally and physically..We cant go on like this!!!!!


    • Lolz….so sorry about your ordeal dear…
      I can so relate… What’s going on in this nation is stranger than fiction.
      Tired of the ‘e go better’ mantra; when exactly are we as a people begin to enjoy the dividends of democracy as a nation, when we still battle with power, water, etc in 2016!!
      Naija, I hail!


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