Hi Sisi…
I know I’ve been MIA, and this could be attributed to work and some rest time after exams.
Nothing much happened over the week on a personal note , but happenstance in the country leaves me with an ache I wish I could magically soothe.

The Naira has been on a free fall against other currencies of the world, even neighbouring countries currencies are having a huge laugh at us, what a shame! The long queues for fuel you experienced when you were in Naija are back, no electricity, and the heat is roasting us practically ‘alive’, lolz. In 2016, we are still battling with simple basics as a country, when will we eventually get there?

Moreso, teenage girls are being abducted and forcefully married by their captors and forced to change their religions. Some are being abducted in their schools. I’m angry at such pedophiles and the nation that fails to protect her children like a mother hen.
As we celebrate Mother’s Day over here today, I question parents on how they watch over their young ones; are they doing enough, are measures being used to reprimand and correct them too ‘harsh’, are the young ones under peer pressure? So many ‘ifs’ and ‘if I had knowns’…smh.

Sis, kindly read up on these stories and understand how pained I am. As a female, I can relate to some of whatever these young kids are going through, I’ve been there!

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I’m truly pained.

Happy Mother’s Day.





Hey Sisi,

It’s certainly painful to hear the things happening in the country, particularly, about the young women. It’s a never ending battle with that nation. Honestly, I can’t believe you are queuing for fuel when gas is less than $2 a gallon in the United States and we don’t even produce the thing in this country! SMH.

About the young women, that is a phenomenon sweeping the world: from Syria to Afghanistan to Nigeria. The experiences that these young women are having are truly sobering and humbling. It really makes you count your blessings and appreciate the fact that you live the life you have now and the one you lived as a child.

Honestly, I have nothing else to add because it’s such a pained situation as you’ve stated. I can only pray that the world grows to be a better, happier place overtime. I pray for peace and love and harmony.































5 thoughts on “#ItsAHardKnockLifeForUs.

  1. The state of the nation is not only alarming but a huge disgrace to our generation! The rule of law has no place, sentiment, archaic belief and lawlessness is being celebrated in our society. With the recent happenings, I ponder on the integrity of the Girl- Child security in connection with callous -grown men, who takes their shield under religious and cultural mindset….I weep for this country! Btw welldone Toro, you are doing a great job!


  2. My dear, it’s only God that can save this country. As for abduction of young girls being forced to marry older men or their captors is what I can’t wrap my head around. These girls can’t even make decisions on their own let alone marry. At the end of the day they end up giving birth to kids and not pursuing their education. God help us all amen! By the way you are doing a great job Tee.


  3. MissBos….Need I say more? It’s just sad, breaks my heart really. As Wunmi said, to think it happens all over the world is disheartening. The female child has a right to her life and make the most of it.
    Thanks for your continued support.



  4. It’s even harder for guys like us who run start ups, and have no steady monthly income. Most transactions are in dollars. everything is just messed up. Now only God can save us from this greedy and dumb leaders out there.


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