Hiya Sis…

Guess your week was not as sunny as mine, going by the snow blizzard reports in the news over there. Trust everyone is all right. Mine was hot!! The climate change is real, can’t say much for Nigeria’s governance (tales for another day). This week had a common factor in each of the working days, which boils down to ‘tip’. I don’t know what’s actually applicable in your clime aside tales on social media I read most times of how it’s a must you must tip someone who served you, especially in a restaurant. In Naija here, it is not a must, even though every service delivery personnel has a sense of entiltlement, which I find ridiculous. I’m a heavy ‘tipper’, infact more than what is required, if at all. In most cases; even when it’s not necessary, I still do.

Check these different scenarios: the hair stylist that over-billed me twice the normal amount I was supposed to pay (which I questioned, and she used laughter to sweep the matter under the ‘dryer’, and I still tipped her). The security personnel at the bank I usually do my transactions (these ones literally ask one to ‘do weekend’ for them, or ‘anything for the boys’: annoying much, because every time, they ask you to tip them even if they never offer you direct service or you have no business dealings with them; they follow one to the car smiling and asking in undertones for their ‘entiltlements’).
Traffic officials are not left out, don’t even get me started on the police (theirs is way beyond ‘tipping’)…lolz.

In essence, I’m not against tipping especially to those who really treat customers well (case in point, the lady that waited on us when we had the cat-fish peppersoup, unlike the rude guy at the restaurant where we had dinner), but I’m miffed some feel it’s their right and even giving one the eye if they felt insulted when you tip a lower denomination like a hunderd or fifty naira….Hello, it’s my hard earned money, be nice!
There goes my ‘tip’ tale. *tooty-grin*



LOL Sisi,

Na wa for our people ooo . . . I remember very well their entitlement to tips. Remember when you came to pick us up from the airport and I had to use the bathroom? The bathroom attendant confiscated the toilet paper and only handed you some AFTER you have given her money? Can you imagine if you were having a bad stomach day and could not wait to negotiate a tip before using the bathroom???

But believe me, my folks on this end are not any better. Whether it’s the food delivery person who stares you down for giving him only a dollar or the server at the restaurant who questions you about how much you’ve tipped compared to the amount of the bill, these people have no shame!

One lady at a Malaysian restaurant actually questioned me. Mind you, I purposefully gave her the amount I did because her service was horrendous! The fact that she had the nerve to ask me if I was aware that I tipped her so low obviously did not help her case with me.

You are correct, it’s your hard earned money and you should be able to do as you wish with it. And I do. If you don’t deserve a good tip, I won’t give you one. Although, I can never bring myself to not tip at all. I always feel so badly about that. The way these people feel so entitled to your money though, I should stop feeling badly LOL.

Anyway, yes, there was a snow storm in the north east and for the most part, people were safe. Although, there were some awful tragedies. Luckily, the family is good. It’s winter, so we are bound to have a few severe weather days. Good thing is Spring-is-a-coming. Hang in the heat. I must say I don’t miss it! HAHA!

Anyways, Love You! Have a good week and Happy Studying.  Chat with you soon, love!














2 thoughts on “#ToTipOrNotToTip

  1. Tee and Barrister,

    You guys have actually said it all as regards tips and how “servers” believe its their right. Well, I personally tip according to the level of service rendered and at times depending on my mood.

    Hope the “otutu” is not too much wunmi and Tee, hope you ready for exams?.

    Warm regards



    • Shola, I like your point about how your mood plays into tipping. That is very true for me as well. I may still tip well for bad service if in the right mood lol.

      The otutu is too much but it’s winter and as such, it’s expected.

      Have a great Sunday!! And thanks for reading and sharing your takes as always 😄


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