Hallos pretty lady!

This week has been hectic… need I say I miss you? Hmmmn, heck Yes! I really really miss you. I’m back to work and it has not been funny, being a Librarian doesn’t come with pecks, but thankfully I’m still standing. It’s been work and more work all week, and once my head hits the pillow at the end of each working day, la la land comes calling.

On one of the days of the week,I was having breakfast to kick start the day, I found a thin rope in the *Agege bread* I was eating. Who could I sue or complain to? Is it the government , the brakery I know not, or the lady hawking the bread that I bougt it from? Smh.

I had this feeling it triggered my bowels in ensuring I visit the loo for like 2days…lolz. Attached is a picture of the culprit.

In my research online concerning my forthcoming exam, I stumbled on a piece that asked one to describe one’s occupation in six words. The example given was a book titled ‘Stripper’.

The description in six words read thus: Stripper – I undress in exchange for money.

The writer of the piece in turn asked readers to describe their jobs in just six short words. I was challenged and started raking my brain to come up with mine. I ended up with longer words than six….lolz. I had to enlist a friend’s help (more like poach his brain)and I did get my job description in just six words.

Here it goes… Librarian: I manage users and library resources. Not bad, huh!

So, sisi….kindly take up the challenge and describe your job in just six words!

Have a fab weekend.




You know how I feel about your excessive bread eating.  Maybe the string in the Agege bread is a sign from the one above telling you to relax on all the bread eating as well LOL.

In all seriousness though, that’s awful! As I’ve previously advised you, you can certainly file a suit against the seller of the bread because you purchased it directly from her.  But, it is unlikely you will be able to get much money from the bread seller.  The real moolah is with the bakery mass producing the bread.  If you can track down the bakery, I will represent you at a family discount HAHA!

I love the challenge of describing what I do in six words or less.  I have been racking my brain ever since I read about your week.  So, here goes mine.

Attorney: I obsess over other people’s problems.

I have to obsess over their problems before I can solve them.  Given the high volume of my work, you can see why I don’t have time to obsess, let alone, solve, my own problems! LOL

My weekend was actually quite fun.  I had dinner with a couple of my friends last night . . . Jamaican. Afterwards, one of the two girls joined me for a night of drinks and dancing. I had sooo much fun dancing because I had not done that in a while.  I did a little at the Trey Songz concert we all went to a couple of weeks ago. The highlight of my night was when they played an African song in the club. I had to shake my booty like any proper African girl HAHA! It was hella fun . . . I’m now determined to find an African club to attend soon:)

Anyway, I know you came down with a little cough.  I hope you are feeling much better today and traffic did not suck out your soul as you ran errands today.

Love you and talk to you soon. Have a fabulous week ahead!!






5 thoughts on “#WhatDoYouDo?

  1. Comrade….Lolz. You are just a clown. You and I know how hectic this resumption week had been. Liar Liar, pants on fire like you!!

    Id….lolz. Yours was in five words! Brevity at its peak, I must say.

    Thanks guys.



  2. Erm……what I do in six words….for now am a house wife o……lol. Chai! The experience is out of this world. No wonder Davido pays 300k monthly for baby mama stuff!
    House wife- taking care of daddy and children.


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