Dear Sisi,

This is probably the most exciting blog post I’ve written thus far, and you know why – I just left your house two days ago!  And already, I miss you! Can you imagine? LOL

So, this blog is supposed to be about our reunion after 16 years of living in separate countries.  As you now know, we wanted to surprise you so we did not tell you we would be home for the holidays as well as for grandma’s funeral.

Daddy brought you to the airport under the pretense of running some errands and boom! There we were! I remembered you just stopping, standing and staring.  The next thing I know, daddy was walking over to  hug Sunmade.  In my head, I was like, “why is daddy hugging Sunmade?”  As daddy hugged Sunmade, I walked past them to you and we hugged.  We hugged and hugged and kissed and you cried.  It was pretty unreal.

Eventually, I walked to use the bathroom.  We had to tip the bathroom attendant to use toilet paper AND there was no soap to wash my hands.  That was certainly a glimpse of what was to come during my visit.  We also saw MI, the rapper.  I did not know who he was at the time but I know exactly who he is now. LOL

During my very long visit, we engaged in mostly family activities and of course indulged in plenty of fun, including uncle’s traditional wedding, Trey Songz’s concert at Eko hotel and many at home drinking nights.

And of course, I got to meet our very cute little brother who thinks we are both old and should be married. HAHA!!! Oh, to be 16 again! Actually, I will pass.  Been there, done that!  But the memories made with him must be experienced again soon.  Clearly, I’m in love!

Needless to say, I had a blast with you but I’m sure you’re glad to have your place back to yourself!  Until our next vacation together, which will be sooner rather than later and somewhere in the Carribean,


Wunmi Sneh!



Hiya sne!

To say I had the most pleasant surprise Christmas and birthday gifts all rolled into one by having you and bro in Naija after 16 long years and some is truly an understatement; it’s beyond wonderful! A great reunion that feel so good, it is.

Dad got me real good when he asked me to go run some errands with him at the airport, and alas who did I see? You and bro, I was rooted to the spot when I saw you guys,tears of joy and the emotions would have made a true Nollywood or Hollywood movie if that moment was captured.

I am a huge fan of MI, the chairman rapper in Nigeria, when I saw him, just had to say ‘hello’ as a number one fan of course…lolz. I won’t forget the look on your face when you asked who he was, why I was saying ‘hello’ and when I told you who he was.

I was just so happy. Glad we were able to have fun, teaching you all the ‘Shoki and Ethigi’ Naija dance steps at the #RythmUnplugged2015 concert with Trey Songz and our great Naija artistes. The experience of you being transported form one location to another in a tricycle known as ‘keke Maruwa’ in local parlance….lolz. I literally laughed out loud with you using ‘sneh’ alongside your name, ‘Wunmi Sneh’…Olamide Badoo would be so proud, because you are now one of his ‘eyan nla nla nla sneh’ (which means, important person ‘sneh’)..lolz

In as much as I got my place to myself since you guys left, it’s not the same anymore; because I miss you both a lot, I smile a lot when I remember you both in every corner of the apartment. The drinking bout session was another, got some drinks still, but so not in hurry to drink by myself ohh… memories of life!

I am so looking forward to seeing you both again….truly the next vacation, which won’t be in another 16years, might I add, would surely be a blast.

Love you both so much.

Happy 2016 in a bit.



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