2talesisters is happy to join customer-focused companies across the universe to celebrate Customer Service Week 2015, with this year’s theme ‘Every Day Heroes’.

”Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honoring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism” – NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE).

In this age of empowered customer, the crucial role millions of service professionals around the world play in delivering an excellent customer experience is attuned with this year’s theme.

Please, don’t quote me; I can’t vouch for some firms (virtual and otherwise) with their bad customer service delivery. Some customer service officers are rude, uncouth and plain annoying. The rule of most businesses is ‘Customers are always right’. Will spend the whole day and still won’t be enough riling readers with frustrating and poor customer service delivery, ‘on top my money ohh’.

On a more cheerful note, 2talesisters recognize and celebrate our ‘every day heroes’ (blog visitors/ readers) and their precious time taken to read, comment and support our blog page.

Thank you.


c0dd723b94cfea2493d8114763044d7d  customer-service2


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