Hey Sisi!!

A few weeks ago, i went on a very fun date with a very fun guy.  We are no longer dating LOL.  But the real story here is that we went to the beach! I love the beach – I love sunbathing, I love listening to the ocean, people watching and I love getting in the water.  But I’ve always yearned to SWIM in the water.  This is especially since my trips to Bermuda and the Bahamas. Additionally, I am obsessed with wanting to paddle board and kayak. And I really want to try yoga on water. And the next time I have a beach date, I want to frolic in the water with my date! HAHA.

As you can see, I have several incentives to become a proficient swimmer. So, I decided to enroll in a swim school. Sunday was my first class. Prior to enrolling in this swim school, I had previously learned to swim in college. I enrolled in a discounted 13 week swim class as my college gym. I was so terrified of water that I never learned anything. After a first few classes, I gave up going.

A few years ago, a bit less terrified of water and ever more anxious to learn to swim, I learned basic swimming skills while hanging out with friends. But after years of not swimming (because I despise public pools and don’t have a pool in my building), I became a bit apprehensive about swimming again.

So, that led me to Sunday. This course is 14 weeks long. So, I have 13 more weeks to go. My fear of water is almost nonexistent at this point and I am truly interested in learning to swim the proper way. One class down and I know the proper starting position, breathing and kicking techniques and arm/hand position. By the end of the first class, I was swimming over half the pool the short way WITH proper swimming techniques. In the past, I achieved the same results the very very wrong way. And I am a little less afraid of drowning! So, I dare say the class was a great SUCCESS.

As I’ve declared to everyone before starting this class, I will declare again that I will be Michelle Phelps by the time the 14 weeks of class comes to an end! After and I hope even before these 14 weeks come to an end, I will be a water ninja! I plan to participate in every water sport my body and heart will allow. This of course means I have to start practicing in public pools. Oh well! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Do you swim readers? What are some of your favorite water sports?? Please share so I can try some of them out!



Hiya babes..

You got me in stitches with your swimming tales..Lolz.

I love playing in the waters, and going against the tide when I hang out with friends at the beach (although, it’s just at the shore line ohh); I so don’t know how to swim, not out of fear, just never got round to learning….excuse upon excuses, lolz.

Like you rightly noted, my car is sneakingly putting me on edge, urghhh. Bro. said I was gonna be spending more, now I know exactly what he meant. It’s a tough call.

Anyways, not much going on: mainly work activities and getting my car in driving shape, aside the goats that blocked my way when I was driving to work last week. I honked on the car horn for them to clear, but hey, they were so engrossed in having the orange peel on the road, I could as well be honking for a deaf person…lolz.

It was hilarious, a passer-by that saw my predicament and who was busy laughing helped me ‘shooed’ them away, and I thanked him.

You will surely hear of my ‘swimming escapades’ come October 1st when my professional colleagues and I attend a party at the Lekki Lake Resort. Do stay tuned!

Looking forward to hearing more of your swimming journey tales unto becoming Michelle WUNMI Phelps….lolz.

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7 thoughts on “#Mermaids

  1. Nice1 Wunmi, the first step to becoming Michelle Wunmi Phelps is by conquering the fear of water which u av done and it’s only a matter of time. I am a very gud swimmer but I was never taught how to swim. Growing up @ owode ajegunle along ikorodu road gave us d opportunity to always go to d river and just do your thing and befr u realise it,you already a good swimmer. We usually swim against a very strong tide and I guess that helped to strengthen our muscles and made made us good swimmers. Nigeria is full of natural swimmers who could become Olympic champions with proper grooming. Let’s hear more frm ur swimming class in ur quest to becoming d numero uno in d world. LOL


  2. Awesome Wunmi! I’m reading all oft the posts now… after ages I know… Although I cannot swim, I love parasailing, kayaking, and jet-skiing! I cannot wait until you learn so we can participate in more water sports!! 🙂


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