Hiya Sis…

I have been quite busy these past weeks, build up to my exams which I wrote two weeks ago. Apologies to our dear blog visitors.

Dropped a size down, due to late nights reading and coffee consumption for staying at alert….it paid off, but my body felt the impact. I’m off lectures for a month, which has given me opportunity to watch movies.

Can you believe that I’m yet to see ‘Fast and Furious 7’? I watched ‘Power and Devious Maids’, both series; interesting, funny and mean. The body on Omari Hardwick though… Sigh!!! A girl can only dream.

I want to believe that most cities in the world have had and still having their fair share of heavy traffic, gridlock and whatever the heck traffic ish there might be. Need I say Lagos road users and traffic regulations take the cake? ‘rme’…

A driver of an SUV was trying to overtake yours truly this past weekend on a very dilapidated road leading to my apartment. I ignored him and maintained my right of way, because the potholes on that particular road are story for another day; which gave rise to road users to slowly navigate and manoeuvre their ways outta there.

Unfortunately, the moronic driver of the SUV came out of nowhere and bashed my car. He hit the driver side of the car. I was miffed, and shouted at him that ‘What the heck was he thinking?’ I couldn’t see the driver, but the person on his passenger side rolled down the window and said I wasn’t patient, spoilt their mirror and didn’t stop; I was like ‘ are you freaking kidding me’?

He was the one behind me, who needs the patience more between us???? My friend who was in the car with me had to alight and gave them a piece of her mind (I was boxed in, because of the way he hit the car).

He drove off without apologising or finding a way to fix my car. I handed him over to God and Lady Karma to both fix him up. Guess it was instant, because my friend said that she later saw them at a point when their vehicle fell into the gutter. Lolz..

All in all, I’m glad there were no health problems for me and my friend, and I’ve been able to fix the car.

Here is a pic of the bashed car.





This car keeps you on your toes ooo.  But I am truly sorry for the incident.  I, too, am happy that you and your friend are safe and healthy! You know what happened to the moronic jeep driver who hit you though? His car ending up in the gutter?? That is karma at work!  And I am a staunch believer in karma. I never believe anyone who wrongs me will get away with it. That idiot man thought he had won when he drove off leaving you stuck, but then, karma caught up to him!  Anyway, so glad you’re well and your car is fixed and ready for more action!

You have spent the last few months in lectures and the last few weeks studying for your exams.  I, on the other hand, have spent the last few months, enjoying the east coast U.S. summer months.  Because we only have  a few months of warm weather in my part of the world, everyday of the summer is like a darn holiday!  And I must say, these have been a most adventurous and interesting summer months.

From vacations to several famous U.S. towns, such as The Hampton and the ATL, to indulging in the NYC dating scene, I have enjoyed! By the way, my Hampton trip was quite interesting. At one point, my friends and I ended up on a billionaire’s boat.  We had drinks and chatted with random rich people and spotted several Housewives of NYC. And one of the old NYC housewives was on the same boat we were on! It was quite a thrill. Of course, we behaved like seasoned vacationers.  Can’t be J.J.C.

Anyway, it’s Labor Day Weekend and like most people, I have Monday off.  I am hoping to eat, sleep and drink.  I am anxiously looking forward to it.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend planned!

Readers, please share your fun weekend stories with us!! What tales have you been dying to share??




5 thoughts on “#RoadRage

  1. Tee,welcome to our world.on Lagos roads its either you hit someone or they hit you.i had a similar xperience last year when I had my mirror broken by one ‘yeye’ SUV driver and the funny thing is that you will have to fix the car by yourself 9 out of 10 times. Thank God you and your friend are ok. I had a wonderful weekend as I had to take my family to Porto Novo in Benin Republic a place my wife had always longed to visit. We had fun and encountered so much in the hands of #police, #customs n #immigration personnel.notable was when I was detained just few kilometers to my destination because of lack of ‘laisser passie and international drivers licence’. I left my car wit d police officer and was playing soccer by the roadside with my son instead of pleading with him. I had called my host who is a ‘big woman’ in that country so the officer had ‘red eye’ when he saw her ‘cos I was sure he already had evil plans for me.
    @Wunmi, we will join you soon so we can party together. Have fun girls and have a wonderful week ahead


  2. Wunmi……lolz at you being a firm believer in Karma, you sure have zero chills!! I’m green with envy with all your tales of NYC *merry-go-round*. I love it and glad you are enjoying yourself. Save some for moi ohh…
    @Lecturer. ..I trust u to make them officials know that ‘Naijas’ can’t carry last….hehehe! That was some fun. The Missus and your son would surely remember the trip as a memorable one. Might just go to Port Novo myself!



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