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I got a video during the week from a concerned aunt who wanted me to be safety-conscious. When I watched it, it reminded me of a story I read online sometimes ago about a Chinese woman who was killed by an electric shock when she answered a call on her iPhone5 while it was charging. Apple Inc. responded by offering their condolences to the lady’s family and promised to launch an investigation into the tragic occurrence.

Even though there is the risk of getting an electric shock from any device while it is plugged in, this could be the first reported case of an Apple iPhone electrocution.

There was also a misleading report that went viral via social media about a boy in Mumbai who died after experiencing ‘’a sudden vibration to his heart’’ before having his hand burnt, after he took a call whilst his phone was being charged. It was however found out that he didn’t die as claimed. Check ‘http://www.hoax-slayer.com’ for more on that report.

Using a cell phone while it is being charged does not pose a serious danger of electrocution, according to Snopes.com; however, cell phone batteries can sometimes explode and start fires. Reports in recent years of injuries or deaths related to use of mobile phone while it was charging has also been attributed to faulty or counterfeit products/ accessories.

I’m sorry, wordpress.com disallowed the video being uploaded, but below is a picture of a Chinese boy who has been left with his jawbone exposed after a mobile phone he was using exploded in his face. Picture source: http://www.news.com.auChinese boy

For me, I would say it is better to be safe than sorry.

What do you all think? Is it dangerous to answer a plugged in mobile phone?




This story made me so sad and thankful that I’m not overly attached to my phone! This is definitely a cautionary tale.  I guess any electronic device can become hazardous.  Thank you for sharing this great story.  My tale is not as cautionary, I must confess.  I went to a Nigerian event on Saturday and saw the happiest egungun.  The egugun was doing all kinds of funny tricks that I forgot how terrified I was of them as a kid.  It did take me back home, nonetheless.

Check out the pics I took . . .



And on top of that extremely lively experience, I also got to do my first 5k! A 5k is a 3 mile run.  It was challenging and difficult because of all the course was VERY hilly, but it was the best experience ever.  I am running a second 5k on Sunday.  I cannot wait for that one.  I will update you on that next week.

All in all, it was an adventurous week for me.  I hope all you guys go into the next week with an adventurous spirit.  Indulge yourself and enjoy the adventures that come your this week.

And check out my championship chain;)

#5k . . . 10k next!
#5k . . . 10k next!





3 thoughts on “#IsAnsweringApluggedInDeviceDangerous?

  1. I actually not sure about the danger attributed to using a cellphone when it’s charging but as they say anything can happen.Heard about a girl that got burnt when she fell asleep with her phone on her chest,think she died too.So I guess its possible that u get exposed to a certain level of danger.


    • You are quite right I.E.O…. anything can freaking happen! I have not heard of any death related to this topic here in Naija, but I’ve heard of mobile batteries exploding. We just have to be careful and be aware.



  2. Oh my days! Sis, this ‘egungun’ is so posh and ‘Americanized’, lolzzzz. Will try and get a selfie when the festival comes on here.
    On a lighter note, you are such a beautiful ‘5k’ runner. Would love to be part of such a good cause. I will be on the lookout for something similar here, though walking that distance is looking more like it for me than running. I’m not sure I am as fit as a fiddle as you are. Proud of u lady!!!


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