Remember a few weeks back, you were telling me about the government official in Nigeria who made threatening remarks that may have deterred some people from voting?  Well, the bid for the next presidential candidate has begun in the U.S.  And let me tell you, the rounds of stupid talks have already started.  I’m not sure if you heard this story already, but earlier this week, rich man, Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy last week, announced something even more vulgar this week.  Yes, that means I believe his announcement for president is vulgar. LOL.   This man basically called a whole population of people, Mexicans, criminals, specifically drug dealers and rapists!  And when the public and the corporate world reacted negatively towards his comments, he stood by them.  Rather than apologize, he decided to sue one of the corporations.

Aside from Trump’s stupidity, I’m sure you’ve heard of all the killings of innocent people around the U.S.  Although, most attention has been to whites killing blacks, there have been a few incidents of blacks killing others as well.  For example, the black man who killed two police officers in New York, one was Asian and the other was Hispanic.  And let’s not begin with the incidents of blacks killing blacks!  Take for example, the recent incident of Black South Africans killing Nigerians.

Then, I’m at the mall not too long ago and a 20-year-old black girl asked me what it’s like to be a black female attorney in the legal world.  And of all the things that I have mentioned thus far, I must confess, this shocked me the most.  The reason is that I expect old white Americans to be unworldly and unprogressive and believe the negative in others who are not like them, particularly, immigrants.  I expect it because they are the generation of segregation and eventually, the Civil Rights Movement.

Similarly, I expect some people in this new and progressive population of America to be hateful enough to still believe in Race Wars and attempt to start one.  I even expect the disgruntled citizens of an economically stifled country to blame their problems on immigrants, as is the case in America and South Africa, alike.  What I do not expect is that a 20-year-old American is still hesitant about reaching for the stars because she fears she will be the “only one.”  Whether that means the only black, hispanic or female, etcetera.  This young lady’s questions scared me.  And what scared me more is that her question is indicative that we are in fact NOT living in a post-racial or transracial world.  I never quite thought we were but I always hoped we were heading towards such utopia.  But to hear a member of Generation X with such a question absolutely dissipated any hope I might have had.

But, I have come to the conclusion that my solution to the grief around me is love.  So, as the weekend comes to a close and the new week is on the horizon, I ask you all to DO ALL THINGS WITH LOVE.  Let the love in you be reflected in others and treat everyone with the love with which you want to be treated.

With Love, XOXO,




  1. @wunmi, its just so unfortunate that we will still be talking about stuffs like this. Well let us accept the fact that racism WILL NEVER cease from the face of the earth. This issue is soo deep and no matter what we say concerning it,the root is stronger than our actions. The only cure is love but unfortunately it has become xtremly difficult for us to love one another unconditionally and do everything in love because only thenn can we deal with this menace. Meanwhile shine your little light of love and I will shine mine so that generations unborn will say we did our best while on earth. I love you Barrister d way I love myself,child,wife,family,friends,colleagues and other humans all over the world.
    I pray the love of Christ(agape) enters ointo all hearts.

    With love


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  2. Sis, I feel you 100%. Meanwhile, the person who made the threatening remark was a traditional ruler (Oba of Lagos), not a government official. Just as Shola noted, racism is deep. Such a bad mentality from that lady that asked you such question. Your tale is actually food for thought. I pray love will conquer all.



  3. Ohh, I forgot to add that Donald Trump is such an uncouth fellow (not-so-sorry-to-say). Read some of his comments on issues even before he declared his presidential ambition, need I say they smack of high-handedness? ‘rme’..



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