Hallo Sisi,

The week wasn’t cool with me, was ill all through. Had stomach pains which I later realised was dysentery; it was not funny. The discomfort isn’t amusing. But I’m getting better and your news of you vacationing in The Bahamas cheered me up; only wished we were going together to paint the town white…lolz.

Also, my ‘movable” gift, a car, correctly guessed by one of our blog visitors is making me smile. I have been using it to take driving lessons from a colleague, and sis, you should see the snide looks from impatient Naija road users who can’t wait for me to get off of the darn road. They call me ‘learner’ and say, “please get off of the road.” I just smile at them and say “sorry.” Their reactions remind me of when you are on the road sometimes when we talk over the phone, and you let out a hiss, saying some people won’t just get off the road or stay on their lanes. Guess, it’s my turn to be hissed at, as far as driving is concerned, anyway.

I had two interesting encounters this week with two junior colleagues who are the security personnel. I went to the coffee room to wash my utensils and as I got in, I found one of the security personnel washing his water bottle so I stepped back to allow him finish. Then this intriguing conversation ensued:

Him: I’m sorry

Me: For what? (With my most curved slanted eyebrow raise)

Him: For wasting your time

Me: (With shock and surprise) You are not wasting my time; you were here first. Courtesy demands I wait my turn…why on earth would you apologise for that?

Him: ohh . . . thank you. Just felt I would be wasting your time.

I assured him again that he wasn’t. He finished and still said ‘thank you.” I couldn’t figure out what the appreciation was for. As if it was a day of junior colleagues paying obeisance to senior ones, I had a second encounter. I went to our sister’s company on the upper floor of the office building to get water from the dispenser. When I got to the water dispenser, a security personnel was there, so I waited. But he stopped and asked that I should take my water first. I politely refused and told him to go ahead because he was there first and it’s only natural I wait my turn. He then resumed taking water, and said “thank you” to me when he was done. I just shook my head and smiled.

I can’t really wrap my head as to the reason for the overt respect; guess our culture has a thing to do with it. In any case, I don’t subscribe to taking advantage of someone else due to one’s position or influence.

Howdy with you?




It has been a long while since we talked. I’m so sorry I’ve been swamped with life and its happenings. I am so happy to hear you are feeling much better now. You seemed to be in so much pain when we last talked.

The Bahamas was a hoot and a half! I really wished you could have joined me as well. It was truly a cultural experience. You’re driving! Haha . . . I apologize for all the rude drivers. But we all have to endure them. I remember when I began learning to drive. I dealt with the same ridicule. But you will soon join the experts. Super excited for you.

I love your stories about the security guards. I find it interesting that you don’t subscribe to the idea of a caste system but you still call them your “junior colleagues.” I find it interesting that you are considered a “senior” worker because of your position. In the U.S., they would just be the guys who work in my building. If anyone asked specifically what they do, I’d then add that they are the security guards. No junior/senior here. Unless we are talking “junior associate-senior associate.” And that’s just a job title based on education and experience. There is obviously a cultural difference there.

Well since The Bahamas, I have been working like a dog! I finally got a chill weekend, which turned out to be a three-day weekend because today is Memorial Day in the U.S. Let me tell you, I am taking advantage. Relaxing, catching up on cleaning, catching up on the blog, catching up with life and its happenings!

Anyways, sisi, enjoy your week ahead. Keep up your driving lessons and talk to you soon. I love you like a fat kid loves cake or like I love cheesecake. LOL.




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