#Comme Ci Comme Ca

This week is what I would term mixed feelings…the good-the bad-and-the-very bad.

The Good . . .

I got a cute “movable” gift that left me joyous. I was grinning from ear-to-ear. It’s amazeballs. Wanna find out? Read more tales and visit the blog more often and you just might read about it . . .*wide-grin.* I also attended a relative’s wedding with my good friends; it was fun-filled. Naija weddings have these unique colorful moments that sometimes have you frowning, indifferent or leaving you in stiches. From the array of colorful ‘aso-ebi’ (unique fabric worn by family and friends), assorted edibles, meeting long lost family members, the latest couple in town, making new friends, and of course checking out the handsome guys and beautiful ladies (admiring the already chosen and taken ones from afar). Take your pick, you can’t but enjoy Naija weddings.

The Bad . . .

The on-going Xenophobic attacks in South Africa leaves a sour taste in my mouth, really saddening. That is where I could call my second country. I was worried about friends I know and those who hosted me when I visited SA. They are fine, but live with their hearts in their mouths, worried that they could be attacked any moment. I really don’t know what to say right now, but my thoughts and prayers are with everyone going through this trying time. This too shall pass.

The Very Bad . . .

On Friday, a fire incident nearly ruined our day at my office. One of the fluorescent bulbs in the library sparked and the wire caught fire. Initially when it sparked, it emitted smoke. So we switched off the light but the smoke was coming out strong so we decided to switch off the main source at the switchboard. That was like the un-doing because it immediately caught fire. We had to ask clients and library users to vacate the library floor. One of our users was proactive enough to use the fire extinguisher; that helped to put out the fire. It was scary because the fire was dropping in small bits to the information materials. It was a consoling thought that it didn’t happen when we had left work and gone to our various homes for the weekend, the gist would have been a sorry one.

Also, I lost a huge chunk of money at the aforementioned wedding. After I’ve enjoyed the make-believe Chinese rice, drinks, dancing to different dance styles of the moment (Shoki in particular), got sprayed a few naira bill on the dancing floor; I just had to find out when I got home that I lost the money. I cried and felt really stupid for being careless. I couldn’t really blame anyone, it was my responsibility and I failed to adequately protect my belongings. The devil is a liar ohh, will be more cautious come another wedding. No time for stories that touch, abeg.

Now you understand the mixed feelings analogy. Sis, hope your week and every of our blog visitors’ is as good as The Good only . . . smiles.



Well sisi,

Sounds like you had a very eventful week! I already know what your “movable” gift is. I can’t wait for you to share it with our readers! And the wedding! I’m sure it was a blast and a half. I love Nigerian weddings. They are always very colorful as you said; and I’m so sorry such a lively night ended up so gloomy. But things happen sha. Like one of my favorite radio personalities says, sometimes you’ve got to take the “L.” By that he means you’ve got to take a “Lesson,” not a “Loss.” So your losses become lessons for you.

I’ve been hearing about the shenanigans happening in S.A. It’s just so shocking that Africans will destroy other Africans like that. But from what I’m hearing, it’s just a handful of people so just like I suspected, it’s not the whole darn country. Until then, I pray for the safety of all the non-South Africans in the country. And I’m very happy to hear your friends are doing well.

Like you, my week was so-so. I took Monday off from work because I felt soo sick! But I felt so badly because I had so much to do! But as soon as I got to work on Tuesday, I was HAPPY I took Monday off because it was so hectic! I was glad I had an extra day to nurse myself back to health and rest.

And while I did not receive a movable present like some people, I am gearing up for ANOTHER vacation. I will be luxuriating on the Caribbean island of the Bahamas this upcoming weekend. I am sooo looking forward to it! Pictures to come . . . Until then, Love ya much.




6 thoughts on “#Comme Ci Comme Ca

  1. If I may guess, ur movable gift is a car. That’s the only thing that comes to my mind. If it is, pls don’t leave me out of the ‘washing’ – not sure Wunmi knows what that means.


    • Sir, you already let the cat out of the post…heheee. Will still share the news with our readers as Wunmi suggested. Of course, plenty ‘washing’ will happen.
      @Wunmi…Sis, “washing” means buying drinks (alcohol, soft drinks, fruit juice, etc.) for friends and family when one acquire new things -be it car, house, or promotion- …now you know babes.


  2. Amazeballs is an awesome word oh my God hahah and the Bahamas look beautiful from every image I’ve ever seen enjoy! I’ve read a few times about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa that is disheartening, I’ve never been but I’ve only heard good things about the people of South Africa, a true melting pot of diversity and different cultures something we should all embrace, happy to know it’s only a few who are trouble makers, have fun on your vacation!!


  3. Thanks Oscar… guess your new mantra now is ‘oh my God’…lolz. You used it a lot on your Mayweather/ Pacquino’s musings on your blog post, quite hilarious…
    Like my sis noted, I do love SA, and I’m pained with what is going on.
    Thanks for the support and the review.


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