#NigeriaDecides/2015 Presidential Election

Hello Nigerians!

We have a new president in the person of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.). President Goodluck Jonathan was gracious in defeat and he congratulated the president-elect; history will be kind to him for conducting a peaceful election.
For the first time in the fifty-four year history of my beloved country, Nigeria, an incumbent president was voted out of the office through the ballot box and the electorates.

I must acknowledge the bravery of every Nigerian voter, those from the Northern region of the country who were internally displaced, those who had to relocate from one location/ state to the other (my boss and I are reference points) due to voters having to vote where they had registered as directed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), those who had to leave the house as early as 4am to beat the movement restriction scheduled for 8am, down to those who walked kilometers to the polling units to cast their votes.

The international community has also praised the closely-watched election, declaring it free and fair. By and large, it was peaceful, despite technical glitches and isolated violence reported in some parts of the country. Commendable, I must say.

What happened on the voting day solidified my belief that Nigerians are heading in the right direction; the scenery was exactly what people power should look like. I’ll be the first to say that this one election may not revive our struggling economy, resurrect our devalued naira, corruption may not be successfully uprooted overnight, and of course Boko Haram will not magically poof off, but we are on course.

Going forward, it will no longer be business as usual; politicians no longer have the luxury of swaying us with words to vote them back in when they under-perform. The Nigerian youths are a lot wiser.  We will no longer be used as tools in the hands of politicians for pre and post-electoral violence. At least, images of perseverance and people power are all over the social networking platforms.

This is a new day for Nigeria with over 170 million people and a new era for the African continent. Although, I cannot predict the future or even the next four years for Nigeria, I am inspired, encouraged, hopeful and grateful to Almighty God for the new opportunity given to my country men and women.

Let us all work towards tilting the democratization arc to lean towards a just nation and an equitable world.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless us all.



13 thoughts on “#NigeriaDecides/2015 Presidential Election

  1. We bless God for this smooth transition from an incumbent to a newly elected Presido. Kudos to our Nation and its great people cos we proved to the whole world that with collective effort, we can achieve whatever we set out to achieve. Another shout out to those unsung heroes who worked tirelessly day and night towards the success of the just concluded election, Inec staffs including NYSC members, the Nigeria police force, Nigerian Army and most especially the citizens who trooped out in great numbers just to be part of this epic moment. You needed to see people refusing to go home but rather stay in the rain just to vote, some gave their generator sets, some provided tents and in my ward both #APC and #PDP agents bought drinks for people to cool off and we all waited for the votes to be counted before going home. I also need to let you know that there were people praying non stop during the election, my church for example had a 20man , 10 hours marathon prayers from 7am to 5pm as we were asked to pray for 30 minutes each and given prayer points mostly on PEACE and smooth transition. Bye and large, the election was a big success and we pray with so much hope that our Nation will be put on the right path towards its rightly place amongst the committee of Nations.
    So much expectation and hope for a better Nigeria.
    Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    #God Bless Nigeria


    • Lecturer, thanks for your insightful summation. We will surely get it right in this nation with the divine backing of our Heavenly Father. I only hope the so-called change isn’t for mouth only. It must be backed by actions, and Mr. President has to surround himself with credible kitchen cabinet who have the best interest of our nation at hearts.
      God bless us all.


  2. I have to commend Tee on this amazing post. It truly inspired me. And thank you, Lecturer, for your illuminating contribution. I am excited to learn from many miles away that the country is hopeful post election. Long live the African Giant. #GodBlessNigeria.


  3. Tanx Tee 4 dis beautiful post… 1st of all,, I dint vote (long boring story)! 2nd of all,, I must commend everybody responsible for making this historic event a success… One that’ll be in our history books for life. I’m also glad that the nigerian people became aware how powerful they could be with their votes. I’m convinced in my heart that nigeria is going to be a great nation,, one that all of us would be pround of… We just have to be patient with the government,, as we play our own parts as citizens of this great nation….#GodBlessNigeria


  4. Thanks Tee for the detailed post, I had sleep in my aunt’s house on Friday so that I could vote on Saturday. I registered in her area then. It was so stressful had to queue for accreditation and voting under the hot sun. It was worth it though, I exercised my right. Every Nigeria that voted was part of the change and I hope the change would be for the better. We are getting there gradually, at least politicians know that once they don’t perform they would be voted out. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria!


  5. Nigerians are highly anticipating a better Nigeria. Our leaders should be on their toes as there will be no room for excuses. I am happy about the awareness especially on social media.


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