Hey Sisi,

Riddle me this: why do men the age of grandfather think it’s appropriate to talk to me? I mean seriously! I’m getting to the age where I just can’t even pretend to be nice about it anymore.

So, you know how I was in Bermuda a couple of weekends ago? I finally expressed my true feelings about these old men that prey on young women. Although, I must confess that this particular older man might have gotten the brunt of all of my frustrations. The man stalked me ALL night in one of the clubs we went to. I pretended like I did not see him the entire time in the hopes that he would get tired and move on away from me. But nooooooo. He stayed around. Finally, my friends and I found a table to put down our drinks and chitchat.   As soon as we started to talk amongst ourselves, grandpa stuck himself next to me and started saying something to me. I could not help myself. I just blurted out, “why is he talking to me? This is ridiculous!” He quickly walked away. I think I embarrassed him.

At the happening of this event, in the fog of many glasses of rum and different chasers, I felt justified. I did not feel even an inkling of remorse for having obviously embarrassed this man. But now, I feel absolutely awful! A part of me wishes I could have just smiled and nodded as I often do in these awkward moments when much older men are trying to “court me.” But another part of me feels like these men need to be embarrassed so they can realize that 20 something-year-old women are NOT interested in them. Even when they are rich, famous, very attractive and/or, all of the above!

In any case, I had to get that off my chest . . . I hope you’re having a wonderful week. And CONGRATS on passing your exam!




Oh my days!

Sis, you got me literally loling. Please, don’t blame the old pa; your beauty does him in. It’s not a riddle ohh. It’s been on from time immemorial, that old men will try to court young ladies and marry them. Does the name Hugh Hefner ring a bell to you? It should. He lives in your backyard now. You better watch out for him. Lolzzz. At least you had fun in Bermuda; even had tales to share with me. It could have been boring, you know?

Yea, thank you for the good wishes. I was apprehensive of the exam result, but girl, am I glad that phase is over and I passed? Sure thing. Preparing for the next stage. Will get there by God’s grace.

My week was okay. I didn’t have old men drooling over yours truly, but there were annoying young men who thought they are God’s gift to women.

I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus when I noticed two young men with dreadlocks. One had on a t-shirt and jeans trouser pulled down almost to his mid thigh, with his boxers showing. I was totally put off by his outfit. It felt too gangster to me (not judging though). He was giving handbills to people.

A bus came along and they entered. I did too because it was heading in my direction. I sat next to the dreadlocked guy whose outfit was not as ‘scarecrow-ish’ as the other. The gangster one sat behind me and he gave me a handbill. It was about a party where some unknown artistes will be performing.

He asked if I would attend and I said I would try. He asked for my mobile number so that he could call me and remind me. I said no, but added that I would really try to show up for the event.

After I refused to give him my number, he got really annoying and said why can’t I just give him my number; later others and myself will say he was being proud by not talking to fans. At that point, I looked back and assessed him. I just shook my head and smiled. So, he was feeling like a super star huh? I laugh in Swahili, heheeheee.

He kept disturbing my ears with “please give your number now, so that I can really take care of you when you come.” He brought out his mobile phone (which has seen better days) and said I should input my number. I politely declined and ignored him. I was really glad he wasn’t sitting next to me because it could have been worse. Throughout the bus ride, he kept repeating, “na wah for some girls ohh, later they will say I am proud.” I just looked straight on till I alighted. Did I add that he also could not mind his age like the elderly man you encountered? These men!



6 thoughts on “#MindYourAge

  1. @wunmi, quite funny. well i think old men always look for young ladies because they feel there is something missing after being with a particular woman for so long and its that void they trying to fill. some of them though brags on the number of young bloods they’ve had just to prove that age has not gotten the better of their ‘mojo’. You just continue to be the good well mannered girl you are and try as not to be rude to any other stalker again because you cannot imagine what that grandpa had to go through after being scolded by someone his grand daughter’s age.
    @ Adetoro, empty barrel they say makes the loudest noise. am sure a Don jazzy of Naija or a JayZ of USA will never say such to a stranger. if he was a star as claimed, will he be on the street sharing handbills?.
    Well, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend like me. i voted for the candidate of my choice on Saturday and went for a friend’s baby naming ceremony on Sunday after the palm service.

    Do have a beautiful week ahead.

    Love from MOI


  2. old men are always in the market looking and checking out for fresh cute young ladies to pull.
    blame him?
    probably he’s got money to blow, probably sad and needs a “me time” while staring at a new face.


  3. Lecturer… Thanks Mister. Help me ask the #DoroIMustBeAMegaSuperStar ohh, you needed to see the scruffy, scraecrowish looking guy with his bad grammar usage feeling fly, story for the gods!
    Yea, glad the election was largely peaceful, I also performed my civic duty, let he who God has ordained be the winner and take us to our promised land.

    @Phelix… Fovwe, don’t you dare try that ohh when you reach grandpa age. Some of these old men are just shameless. Too bad the grandpa got the brunt of my sis’ pent-up-eyes-rolling…hehehee

    A great week to you and everyone of our blog visitors.


  4. Lol. Funny stories from you two. Keep up the entertaining gist. Reading your stories, I kinda feel like an amebo prying into your lives, but i quickly remind myself you wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


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