I take a particular route to the office everyday. On that route, there is a certain man in his 40s, about 5’7, with a small protruding tummy, he takes that route also. When I tell you that this man is colour-blocking personified, I am serious oooo. He is always attired in extreme colour combinations.  On this particular day, he had on a yellow papa’s cap, yellow t-shirt, black denim trousers, yellow belt, black shoes and a yellow cross-bag.

The man always greets me when he passes me on the road.  He is kind of weird looking to me so I try to stay on the other lane whenever I see him approaching because I don’t want small talk.  But even when I avoid his gaze, he finds a way to get my attention.  Sometimes, he’d say, “sisi, how r u? you look nice,”  or “morning, hello.” He always says something to signal to me that he is greeting me.

On this fateful day, as I cornered in to the route, I saw him from a distance.  He saw me the instant I noticed him because he was smiling.  I couldn’t change lane in time because it would been obvious that I was avoiding him.  Then I noticed his outfit. He had on an all orange outfit, from the beret, t-shirt, denim trousers, belt, cross-bag, down to the shoe, ALL ORANGE.

I was curious so I decided to ask him some questions.  I guess my journalistic tendency got the better of me, or should I say I’m the proverbial curious cat.  When the distance closed between us, I stopped with a genuine smile on my face, and the following conversation ensued:

Me: Good morning, how are you?

Him: I’m fine, thank you.

Me: I like your outfit, colourful and nice.

Him: Ohh, thank you.

Me: I noticed you like dressing up in such a colourful way, any particular reason why you do so?

Him: No, I just like it.

Me: Please, can I take your picture?

Him: No . . . (with a laugh)

Me: Ohh ok, what’s your name?

Him: Abayomi.

Me: Aalright, thanks.

Him: Thank you too, God bless you.

Oh sis, wish I could show you his picture, for you to get a ‘colourful’ picture.  Yeah, I know. . . me and my human encounters. Well, the tale does not end there oooo . . . I was on the same route to work the next day when we met again.  Fortunately for me, he was geared in the same orange colourful outfit he garbed on Tuesday.  I was ready to avoid him totally, but he beckoned unto me that I should please wait, so I stopped.

Here goes our convo:

Him: Good morning

Me: Morning

Him: Can I have your number?

Me: Well, I did ask to take your picture the last time, you declined.

Him : (laughs) Ok, I will allow you to take the picture

Me: (grinning) Ok, let me have you number

Me: I don’t have enough call card, I would have dialed your number so that you could have mine.  Will do so later in the day.

Can I take your picture now?

Him: Sure.

Took two shots of him.

Me: Thanks

Him: No problem. Thank you sisi, I really like you ohh, I fit marry you now, shebi?

I just laughed him off. Then he was trying to hug me. I had to skirt that gesture.  Just smiled and walked on.  Please, feed your eyes with orange…




My love!  It looks like me and the colorful man could be wedded now.  Have you seen my outfits lately?  Feast your eyes on even more color . . .

IMG_0437 IMG_0577

LOL . . . did you enjoy that???

I cannot tell you why the man above loves colors but I can tell you that I wear colors because it truly makes me happy.  A colorful scarf, shirt or dress can quickly turn my frown into a smile.  Once in law school, I decided I would stop caring about my outfits because I did not have the time.  That nonchalance lasted less than a week!  I immediately became depressed.  As such, I quickly returned to being beautifully garbed in colors.  It’s the only way to live life.  I’m telling you that man knows a thing or two about living in bliss.

Love you and chat with you soon!



12 thoughts on “#LiveinColorDreaminColor

  1. Finally i get to ‘have a piece’ of this piece! (grinning). Nice narrative Tee, you do have good reporting skills i must confess. Back to the main matter…this your new found ‘orange boyfriend’ is on point! (rotfl). Rather strange for a guy to wear but i salute his courage nonetheless and somehow agree with Wunmi…and pls try and call him asap (winks).


  2. Hey Tee, I always enjoy reading your piece and just as adeyinka noted, u av a ‘sweet way’ of reporting. Think u should start writing for one of the numerous media outfits in 9ja. Back to the matter, am sure you will get more stories from this your new BF. Wunmi, thanks for sharing with us. Have a fab week ladies


    • @Lecturer… Thanks ohh, I try my best to say it the way I see it, undiluted…lolz. He isn’t my bf ohh, abeg! No spoil market for me.
      @Bunmi, lolz… Don’t worry, will give the ‘colorful’ guy your number, so that you can be the female version.


  3. Lols @ Tee..thats some color. I can imagine encountering that on a daily basis..so much liveliness in your day already. Abeg, always say hello to the colorful guy..he shines so bright you can’t have a gloomy day..Nice say of telling ur tales though, you should do this more. Nice pix of Wunmi by the way, love the sari.


    • Temmie…plenty lolzz…. Trust me, if I took his pics on a daily basis, you would want to be colorful as well. I do say hello; as a matter of fact, he beckons on me to take his pics and ensure I post it on facebook (wide-grin). I just decided to spare you guys gazing into colorful post daily…
      Thanks for you kind words and encouragement, duly appreciated.
      Yeah, I luv the sari too.


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