My series of sleepless-coffee-induced-nights are finally over because I just finished the first stage of my professional exam this past weekend. I give thanks to God for a successful writing.

Of course, the exam did not go off without a hitch. Let me tell you, students will be students, whether working professionals, married, fathers, mothers, etcetera. One of the examiners, an older lady, brought some cheat cheats with her to the exam hall and she almost got caught! The invigilator (proctor) saw her cheating but the lady destroyed the evidence before the invigilator could get to where she was sitting.

The invigilator was helpless, she kept screaming, “she destroyed the evidence, I have nothing to hold against her.” It was that rant that attracted others to what was going on. Meanwhile, the cheating lady calmly made her way out of the exam hall. Had she been caught with the cheat cheats, she would have been banned for four years, but because she left on her own, she can re-write the exam in the next stage, which is a few months from now. Smart, wouldn’t you say?

Aside from the one lady that almost got caught, there were plenty of others cheating and the invigilators were none the wiser. Me, on the other hand no get such liver. My coffee-induced-sleepless nights studying paid off. I did my best, leaving the rest in Baba God’s hands . . glad this stage has been passed over by yours truly.



OMG sisi. I am glad that you are finally finished with your exam and can relax. You no get such liver, you say? I have to say I’m with you on that one. I could never bring myself to cheat. I have actually never even thought of cheating and did not know how much people did it until I was talking to some college friends years after college. Everyone was shocked that I did not cheat in college. I told them that I earned my Phi Beta Kappa all on my own and I sure am proud of it!

But that story of the exam hall reminded me of some of my own exam tales. Exams do some strange things to me. I either become too nervous to focus or I become focused to the point of apathy. My college entrance exam was the former and the bar exam was the latter.

During my first mock college entrance examination, I was so nervous that I barely got through half of the questions. Needless to say, I failed miserably. Thankfully, it was a mock exam and I knew to succeed on the actual exam, I needed to stop sweating and actually answer the darn questions!

And then of course there was the bar exam. I talked to no one except you and Sunmade during the months leading up to the exam. I was uninterested in anything that did not involve me taking the exam. But I saw the worst in myself when one of my friends told me about a kid who passed out during their exam. A bunch of people stopped writing their exams help.

I told him that I definitely would not have stopped writing my exam and would not have even have blinked an eye if I had been there. Right after I said it, I felt so awful! In any case, I can tell you that I was incredibly happy when the exam ended and I could go back to being a person with empathy.

Anyway, until next time sisi,

Hugs n Kisses!



2 thoughts on “#ExamWoes

  1. Exams and it’s plenty tales sha! How I wish they can just find another way around us having to write exams to show how intelligent we are! Doesn’t do good justice in my own opinion.


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