This week was quite interesting oooo. Well, on my way home from the office days back, I saw a dirty looking man in an equally dirty outfit. I thought he was homeless and almost walked past him when he asked me for money for food. I immediately opened my purse and gave him 50 Naira; he said thanks. But as he walked away, I noticed a pair of eyes gawking at me and I wondered what was amiss. At that point, one of the onlookers said in the local dialect that the man was loco. Huhh, say what? I had to give my legs some Usain Bolt inspiration and quickly made my way home.

Later on, I met this hunk that looked exactly like Ramsey Noah, the Nollywood star who has been my crush since the 1800s. Haha! To my delight, he asked if we can hang out. Without pause, I responded, “hang out? Please, let’s hang in.” He laughed and I swooned.

I told him to give me a few to get something nicer to wear. I quickly changed and came right back out, but I couldn’t find him where I left him. I looked around frantically and saw him afar. I called unto him but he couldn’t hear me . . . and then, the unthinkable happened. I woke up! I said, “oh Lord, take me back to dream land! I have to get his contact details!” Here I was dreaming the entire time! It was the worst feeling.

But the week got better. If the Ramsey dream was the cake, Christian Ronaldo winning the 2015 Ballon D’or (best footballer of the year), was the icing. Aside from being good looking and a great player, he is well, good looking! Ha ha! I hope you are not working those lines on your pretty face trying to imagine who Ronaldo is ohhh . . . And if you are, think Colin Kaepernick. LOL



OMG sisi! Your tales never fail to amuse me. Clearly, you have your priorities straight. I wish I spent my week dreaming of Ramsey Noah after encountering a crazy person. Instead, I spent the entire week dreaming about my upcoming trial. I seriously need to get a life!

But the true highlight of my week was securing a weekend Bermuda vacation for less than my monthly grocery budget. It truly made me happy. And the more I talk to people about this getaway, the more excited I get. Apparently, Bermuda is very British, posh, clean and safe. I told Sunmade this and he said once you’ve been to one island, you’ve been to them all. But I have not been to any so I’m looking forward to it.

And given that it’s so posh posh, I hope I meet myself a beautiful posh posh man. That’s what I told one of the girls I’m going with and she just laughed like it’s the most unlikely thing ever! I mean, how difficult can it be to meet a good looking, well off businessman on a posh posh British island. It cannot be that hard now. HAHAHA . . . It is hilarious putting the thought onto metaphorical paper . . . But shebi a girl can dream, no?

Anyway, that was my week . . . I’m super excited for this get-away and I’m even more excited for OUR potential Asia trip. I love you, sisi. Have a great week!



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