This week has been quite eventful, I must say. I was on my way to work Monday morning, and the driver of the tricycle I entered chose that day to play the Joker.  I was almost late to work because the driver did not have enough change to give to the other passenger. The other passenger gave the driver a 1000 Naira bill to pay for his 100 Naira bus fare. The driver actually stopped the tricycle in the middle of the road and blankly told us that he would not move the tricycle an inch further until the guy gets a lower naira bill to pay his fare.

I was like are you kidding me? Do you have to stop? Why not get to the bus stop where we would alight and find a means of changing the money to a lower naira bill? He replied, “aunty, where do I get 900 Naira bill as change? Abeg! Abeg!! Come down.” Don’t even get me started on some of the expletives the driver used. I was on the verge of being hysterical. I had to calm down, tell him to please drive and get us to our destination. I agreed to pay the guy’s fare. The guy thanked me and we got to our destination in peace.

As if that wasn’t enough drama in one early morning, an uncouth-ill mannered-immature-child-man insulted me, as I was en-route to the office. All because I refused to stop in my strides and exchange pleasantries with him when he yelled, “Yellow girl, how far now?” I muttered a good morning under my breath without breaking a stride because I was already running late, and he still had to insult me. I had to tell myself that the devil ain’t gonna use him to deny me my Monday morning blessings. Haba, these people! Anyway, hope your week was swell!



OMG sisi! That sounds like some morning. Wow. It’s always amazing how these dudes get upset and insult you once you let them know you are NOT interested! Nah by force??

I can tell you that my Monday morning was not nearly that eventful. As per usual, I was stuck in traffic and was incredibly angry the entire time I drove to work. As you know, traffic makes me incredibly angry.

Well, in any case, we’ll catch up soon. Love You!!



One thought on “#MondayMorningDrama

  1. I love monday mornings because you get to see a lot of dramas and get inspirted to even write your own books on the happenings on Lagos roads on that wonderful day of d week. every single individual u see on d road is in a HURRY. Dirvers n conductors fighting angry passengers, hawkers doing there things, policemen/law enforcement agents looking for offenders so there pockets can be enriched, the list is endless but me I really love MONDAYS afterall thats my name.


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