Hey Sisi,

What happens when a cheapskate like me scrapes for a whole year to contribute $2,500 to a health savings account only to realize at the eleventh hour that what I’ve been contributing to is a flexible spending account, which means the money I’ve been starving for a whole year to save will be lost if I don’t use it by March 14th or something to that effect?

Everything happens. That’s what! So, you know me. You know I was absolutely furious with myself. Like how could this have gone on for a whole year and then on to the second year without me not knowing?

Anyway, so I spent all of last Thursday afternoon and evening researching this money I have and trying to figure out how to use it. I go from store to store trying to spend this money and each time, I failed. Apparently, the money is useless unless I am legit in a medical facility where I need medical help or I have a physician’s prescription for ANYTHING.

So, I am now playing the game. I went online, found a FSA store and shopped til I dropped. I bought you travel medical and first aid kits. I also bought you a Vicks steamer. I can’t wait to give them to you!!

Now, I am trying to get prescriptions for all kinds of things so I can use up this money before I lose it all.

Anyway, that was my week. I clearly really need to stop obsessing about this but my cheap self won’t let it happen.

How was your week?




Sis, that is hilarious! Glad you finally got to make use of the “Greek gift” savings . . . . hehehee.

My week was all right. I’ve been reading like I’m going to be the next Albert Einstein, albeit a female one.

And oh, there is a new stalker in town…literally! I went to the mall to see a movie with a friend over the holidays. I left my friend to get a cone of ice cream. When I returned, she was chatting with this man . . . can’t call him guy . . . he looks nothing like a guy. The man has one of the biggest tummies I’ve seen in recent times . . . definitely was NOT interested.

He introduced himself and the conversation drifted into politics and what have you.  He’s quite enlightened, I must say: with him having a mix of a British accent and a Southern drawl. He said he was in the country for the festive season. He asked for my mobile number and I was mildly surprised because I thought he had my friend all checked out.

Fast-forward to a few days ago, he called me and said he’d like to see me. I asked if my friend was aware and if we’d all be together; he said nope, that he was interested in me all along, and he had told my friend about it; that I’m pretty and he so wants to hang out with yours truly.

Told him no problem, said thanks and all, and said I would let him know about all of us hanging out on Sunday. Clearly, that won’t be happening . . . Abi mo ti wa ni



2 thoughts on “#EpicFail

  1. @ Wunmi, make sure you spend the money to the lask cent, afterall its your money. @ toro, why you fall the man hand now. maybe you should have asked him to meet you on lagos island but he must ‘trek” from ikeja to the meeting point so as to reduce d size of his potbelly…….lol

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